EU rules on Microsoft antitrust appeal: Bad news for Microsoft

The 15-month deliberation into Microsoft's appeal to the European ruling in their anti-trust case is over. The news is pretty bad for Microsoft as their appeal has been dismissed. As such, the $688 million fine imposed in 2004 stands and Microsoft must pay 80% of the Commission's legal costs as additional insult. Microsoft did succeed at abolishing the independent monitoring trustee established to supervise Microsoft's behavior. Microsoft can still appeal to the highest court in Europe so this isn't over by any stretch of the imagination.

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frizshizzle3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Darn it I was just gonna post this.
Anyway there goes another billion.

JsonHenry3868d ago

Microsoft must still be making money in Europe even with all these legal fees.

Otherwise I would LOVE to see Microsoft just pull their products and support from Europe and let them rot in Linux based hell for all the trouble they try to cause American companies.

jlytle12343868d ago

there is such a company called apple. its not that bad. and the european market is as big if not bigger than the american market.

FadeToBlack3868d ago

Apple products are overpriced and overhyped junk. People only buy apple either because they want to try and be cool or they are too stupid to operate a windows based pc.

Effects Guardian3868d ago

Microsoft is trying to take on an entire continent. O_o

God speed.

Saint Sony3868d ago

Not really trying, Microsoft has pretty much taken over the whole world already.

(no this is not about consoles or gaming)

Cartesian3D3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

surfing web in MAC right now.. because its safe... just play games on Windows because they forced me to do that.. and using Engineering softwares on it ... becuz I havent any other choice..

but for surfing web,multimedia use.... I have a good choice.. switch to MAC OS ..

Get a life and dont lick their a$$

Mr VideoGames3868d ago

but Microsoft probably has already made that Money back by Now they are the Richest Company in the World and if Bill Gates haven't given 50 Billion away to charity (which is a good thing i would of done it too!) he would be the Richest man in the World, but anyway yes Microsoft has practially taken over the World and its time to take over the VideoGame Industry all it needs to do is get the Already dead Playstation 3 out of the way and then its smooth sailing from there on in

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

umm Sony practically destroyed Nintendo 2 gens in a row and notice how they are still here? Yeah you can't really destroy a brand easily.

Oh and don't forget console wars last for quite some time, and Nintendo is currently the best atm. The longer the console war lasts the bigger library Ps3 will have and a lower price as well. Thus if anything Microsoft will be the one losing in the next 2 years.

THUNDERMARE3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

MS is not the richest Company in the world. Yes Bill Gate might be the richest individual but MS is not the richest company. Company with more cash than MS is probably Berkshire-Hathaway (they are private and 1 stock of BH worth around $100,000)
so this 688 million will hurt MS.
go to and check their 10-k if you dont believe me.

Lucreto3868d ago

I am guessing you were meant to be Nostradamus and your picture kinda confirms it. Just to let you know Nostradamus got most of his predictions wrong and you are following the same path.

HardKnockKid243868d ago

Stop Licking Steve Jobbs ass if its true that just because you purchase a product you must place your tongue on someones anal orifice. Mac is only safer because it has less marketshare, not because its better software. Why would a malicious virus writing jackass waste his/her time to deliver to a smaller audience? "Oh but they forced me to do this, they stripped me of my choice.... moan moan moan". YOU HAVE FREEWILL! YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING! No one is strapping you down and telling you to play games on a Microsoft product! There are plenty of good games on Mac so just stick to those if Microsoft is such the devil, if they are evil why support them and line their pockets? "Because they stripped me of choice?" Grow up, you always have choice you dont even HAVE TO use electronics all together numbskull. Anywayz I feel bad for MS on this fine but hey, life goes on they can always recoup.

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Jen5en3868d ago

Every hour, of every day, of every year that Union exists is another nightmare. I'm so tired of the EU constantly being the little whiny kid, but when something is fishy with an European corporation, everything's just fine. Remember the Boeing and Airbus struggle? Airbus got several billion euros from the EU, while Boeing were on their own. Apparently that's a free market according to the EU. Hypocrites all of them.

stonedog3868d ago

Boeing got subsidized by the US govt through military contracts. Don't tell me that Boeing is Snow White. Both companies have been subsidized b/c of the jobs they create.

Jen5en3868d ago

True, but at least that's a genuine business relation. Airbus got a huge bag with a "free-money" label. There's a significant difference. I agree that Boeing is playing it dirty as well, but the US govt doesn't interfere as frequently as the EU is. First Apple, then Microsoft and afterwards Sony.

Zhuk3868d ago

Best of luck to Microsoft in overturning this decision and teaching those Eurocrats a lesson

stonedog3868d ago

Commission rarely looses on these things so that is very unlikely. M$ very size itself is evidence of it's abuse of its dominant position. On the other hand sometimes anti-trust actions force the target to re-organize and ultimately they end up more profitable look at Imperial Oil.

mirroredderorrim3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Hm. 3.2 Bil loss with warranty extension for Xbox 360 as well as the impending 655 mil loss? This can't be good.

Microsoft has alot of money but even they can't afford to keep accumilating loss after loss.
This is as of today.

And for the people that like to drag Sony into this:

The richest man in the world is a mexican.

MS is just another fish in the big sea of money, where there are lots! of other big fish. ;)

WilliamRLBaker3867d ago

**Hm. 3.2 Bil loss with warranty extension for Xbox 360 as well as the impending 655 mil loss? This can't be good.**

I'll let you know its only a 1 billion loss on the warrenty exstenion, as well the new NM processors and gpu's are not a loss they are infact cheaper to produce, and will fix pretty much all the 360's current crop of problems.

P4KY B3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

IF MS stopped selling in Europe for just a month or so there would be chaos.
Then the EU would have to come begging to them.

I think that would be a better option for MS rather than give away all their secrets they have spent years and billions developing.

Cartesian3D3868d ago

Microsoft had no choice ... Vista is the only way that they can make huge money .. Europe is one of the most important Part of their business, such a big market ....

if they wont sell their products in Europe , u think Who will die ? microsft or Europe ?.. MS will lose billions of USD s every month..

what do u think about Leopard ? new OS from apple.. what about software devs in europe like Game devs , and other devs.. they will make softwares for apple Leopard cuz of Europe market... then MS will have a REAL COMPETITION .. (BTW hope Virus programers dont detect that market)..

then MS will die slowly .. becuz in my opinion after 12 years of using PC , MAC OS is FAR more better than Windows.. SAFE , less BUGS,ERRORs and so on.. and more beautifull than even VIsta .. and People with 2 choice will choose Leopard because its Cheaper and better..


lol dude how old are you???
Window is not the only OS exist in the world, if MS stop selling window in EU altogether, they will lose not just 1-2 billion but this might as well involve more than $50 billion of revenue here. MS is not god almighty you know. I'm pretty sure ifs that the case OSX will jump in or EU will try to woke around with Linux.

stonedog3868d ago

You note that M$ lawyer indicated that the most important thing now is that M$ comply with the law. If they defy or continue to defy the law the consequences in terms of fines will be huge.

DeadIIIRed3868d ago

I suppose that you are one of the many fools who believes that the US market is the only worthwhile one.

WilliamRLBaker3867d ago

Cartesian must be using a secret MAC os, Because Last I checked...

Mac oses crashed just as often as PC OSes, Had just as many bugs, And Just as many security holes, and these are all facts:)

The only reason that Mac's aren't labeled as This is because they are a niche market, and the security holes in the OS aren't exploited nearly as much as Windows. (these are all facts)

I think Someone should post the MAC crash different youtube video for this guy.

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