Modern Warfare 3 Already Being Played?

While it’s been rumored to have been in development for some time, there’s been no confirmation of its existence. However, there’s a slight chance that’s about to change.

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Kran2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Such things have been faked in Photoshop, (remember those Black Ops images on a multiplayer beta back in the Autumn?) but it's hard to judge at this moment in time. Maybe if we saw more people on the alpha test then maybe it might convince more of us.

RSPproductionz2772d ago

id say mw3 will be better than black ops but the next treyarc game in 2012 will be horrific i imagine

Corepred42772d ago

thats because treyarch suck at making cod games. especially since they take most of their stuff from infinity wards previous games. i would really like to see them make their own game instead of piggybacking.

RSPproductionz2772d ago

yeah true. mw3 will surely be better than black opss so that will sell but i fear for the next game. another aspect of cod is the glitching community. millions of people glitched in private matches on mw2 shotgun jumping and this couldn't be done online so why did treyarch remove this feature? they also but barriers on every roof etc so there was no way of glitching in private games. the fact is glitching kept people that hated mw2 playing.

TheLastGuardian2772d ago

I wouldn't doubt it if people were already playing MW3. I mean, They only have to change a couple things in MW2 and they call it a whole new game.

mikeslemonade2772d ago

^Beat me to it. I mean... you just have to come up with a few new maps and a few perks and that's a new game.

MrAwesome2772d ago

I looked the guy up in psn his friend list was full so I sent a MSG asking him about it in his profile it said he was puerto rican so I included that I also am puerto rican to try to sympathize with him, I am yet to recieve a reply fingers crossed. I think it's fake though.

TheGameFoxJTV2772d ago

Who cares? You'll all buy the next game no matter what. Even if it said "THE NEXT BIG BROKEN P.O.S FROM ACTIVISION" on the front of the box.

MAJ0R2772d ago

wait since the PS3 has been hacked doesn't that mean hackers can run unassigned code tot he PS3? this could be a fake, kinda like they can fake trophies

Millah2772d ago

If you search that guys username on google you'll find that he's a member to several different ps3 hacks sites. And seeing as a jailbroken ps3 can run custom .pkg files that can say you're playing anything you want it to say, I don't think much more needs to be said. Just put two and two together.

nickjkl2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Never again

will i buy

rehashed games

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crzyjackbauer2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

im looking foward to MW3
i know IW learned from MW2
it would be foolish to make the same mistake twice
treyarch just keeps making copy and paste jobs
IW has made great COD games
COD1, COD2, and COD4
im willing to give them a second chance

Gamer_Z2772d ago

Sledgehammer is making the next COD not IW. I don't think IW even exists anymore accept for a couple of staff members that are still there, I wouldn't be surprised if they merged the two devs into one, IW (well what's left of IW) and Tryarch.

xGet_In_There2772d ago


You are correct, IW no longer exists. BUT, check this out.

I believe since Activision owns the rights to COD Respawn will not be able to put COD in the name. But I do believe that the next game they make with EA will blow Black Ops and [email protected] out of the water. I still play the first MW daily and by far my favorite.

Dee_912772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

no more IW?
well looks like i wont b playing anymore COD anytime soon

i just want to finish the modern warfare storyline

but if its anything like black ops
its a helll no

Gantrfaxx2772d ago

Even if it is being already played i couldn't care less. Black Ops was the last COD game i will buy in years,i expected some things to change but now i see they probably never will.

DigitalAnalog2772d ago

Just looking at the title makes me cringe.

-End of Line

xAlmostPro2772d ago

i doubt the next game will even be called mw3 lol.. i mean its being made by sledgehammer not IW.. imo anyway.

Knowing activision it could be mw3 though lol, not buying anyways.. just my 2 cents

showtimefolks2772d ago

we will see a new COD game every year in fall till they stop selling

its that simple if you don't like it be like me play other games

solidt122772d ago

am i the only one that realize that they are just milking this franchisee to death. The single player will be worth playing but im tired of Call of Duty online. I ready for something new. Maybe BulletStorm, Killzone 3 and Twisted Metal will do it for me, oh yeah and SOCOM4.

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dkgshiz2772d ago

Will probably be CODMW2 with cow boy hats. Right now Treyarch is probably working on Call of Duty Black Ops 33.

Kran2772d ago

It wouldnt be Black Ops 3, since WaW was game 1 and Black Ops was game 2, so most likely their third game will have a seperate subtitle.

theonlylolking2772d ago

COD3 was game 1, [email protected] was game 2, and black ops is game 3.

TANUKI2772d ago

A wild west COD would be pretty interesting.

SKUD2772d ago

The struggle continues...

GodofSackboy2772d ago

yay /s

please people don't buy this game

BlackHairyTongue2772d ago

I'll buy it if it's good. What can I say, I like playing good games. Sue me!

clarkdef2772d ago

You mean to say you like playing the same game....over, and over, and over, and over.

BlackHairyTongue2769d ago


It's like sex, I'll do it over and over again if it continues to bring me joy. :)

the_best_player2772d ago

all cod games are just MODS from MW1, thats why graphics are dated and why you don't see big changes. COD games are just lazy edited MW1 bugy games...

cochise3132772d ago

Why is this a surpirse? I mean really.