SCEE confirms February 25 UK launch for Killzone 3

VG247: Killzone 3 will launch in the UK on February 25, VG247 can reveal.

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Hellsvacancy2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Nice, gotta week off work aswell, my weed will b ready for harvestin around the 15th, 10 day dry time, then K3s out = AWESOME times, i bet ill die b4 then though, ill trip on a banana skin or a piano will fall outta the sky and flatten me, thats how my luck goes.........BAD!

lovestospoodge2891d ago

You sir...
Are one lucky bastard

M-Easy2895d ago

Sweet we get ours on the 22nd. I'm going to be 3 days better by the time you "blimeys"(?)get a hold of it. Oh yeah its going to be payback for a little tea party you through us many years back. No I haven't forgotten.

TooTall192895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

If you are referring to the Boston Tea Party, Americans threw England's Tea overboard to protest their tax... Not sure of any other major tea party, or why you think Americans need payback still lol.

M-Easy2895d ago

Hmm wouldn't let me edit my comment to respond. Anyway I blame them because if it wasn't for the original Tea Party then we would have the nut job tea party of today. And since tea party members are classic 360 players and i refuse to pay to play online I take my frustration out on the brits. Is that crazy? Yes! But in my twisted mind it works lol.

Jdoki2895d ago

Lol. What a post!

a) I think you meant limey's not blimey's; and threw not through

b) Were you at the tea party? You sound personally offended!! 'America' threw the party for the Brits, not the other way round as a protest against Tea Taxes imposed by the British Government.

Seriously? You're implying playing KZ3 3 days before, and shooting a few Brits is going to be payback for the British colonisation of America, which eventually lead to the deaths of thousands in the Revolution!?!


M-Easy2895d ago

Humor is lost in text I guess. It was a bad joke. Anyway back on topic. I cannot wait for this game. I vow to make it to the highest possible rank. And needless to say get the Platinum Trophy.

ColossiSlayer2895d ago

My wallet is screaming.
Ill pick up LBP 2, KZ3 & MS: Apocalypse, in one of Gamestops B2G1F deals around May or so. Ill be late but Ill save $80+ in the process.