Motorstorm Apocalypse Cover Art Revealed

Ready for some box-art action? Good, because we have both the European and US covers for the upcoming racer “Motorstorm Apocalypse”.

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jaredhart2893d ago

I like the European version better.

NeoBasch2893d ago

I hope they make a reversible cover with the European box art for the NA release.

Hitman07692893d ago

Epic, this game was definitely pretty tight when I played it at E3, though I'm not sure if it's as hard core as the first MotorStorm in terms of level design, we shall see when it releases.

guigsy2893d ago

European version look better as per usual.

Invadersims2893d ago

The European one stands out quite a bit more than the generic looking US one.

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The story is too old to be commented.