Questions Answered About The Upcoming Black Ops Killer


"ZonalRipper was able to get in contact with Gameloft’s Community Manager Callum Rowley, and got some of our questions answered. Read on to get all the details about one of the most exciting PSN releases in a very long time."

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hamsterfist2806d ago

First time ever I have been excited for a PSN game. Fingers are triple crossed hoping this is good.

donnaluke20032806d ago

What is really cool is how GameLoft has reacted towards the TPSS love regarding this game. I hope the hosts of TPSS and The Rogue Gamer get free downloads to review this game.

hamsterfist2806d ago

Now that would be rad. Odds? 1,000 to 1

XMBeaner2806d ago

This is why year on year video game sales are down 6%. Everyone wants something for free. Check out this article detailing the fall http://theplaystationshow.c...
Those douchetrolls are also trying to call this game a Call of Duty Killer. Get off my internet Bloggers, you're killing everything!

hamsterfist2806d ago

XMBeaner why the hate? You know this is going to be white hot. I bet I see you on the PSN playing this.

Ju2806d ago

What you say? CoD with a yearly release for 60+ bucks is good for us? Or $9.99 which tries to do the same. Yeah, not sure which is which. But I'm wondering what's a rip off here and what harms the game industry. I know CoD does not harm Activision, that's for sure.

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ediddy9992806d ago

Finally a game that can take Call of Duty down a peg or two!

XMBeaner2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Shut your face! Call of Duty is still and always will be the king or shooters. Enough with these pretenders like Killzone 3 and BFBC2, hah lame.

hamsterfist2806d ago

Black Ops is broken, just like your face. Boom Roasted!

ediddy9992806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

This is the exact reason why I never come to N4G anymore. Everytime anyone says something negative about COD, people go crazy. Just calm down XM, your hate isn't welcomed here!

donnaluke20032806d ago

Because COD is the super duperist best, approved by 11 year olds everywhere.

Dart892806d ago

Xmbeaner here's my reaction to cod being the king of shooters hope you enjoy it as much as i do xDD.

Ju2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Well, just to fuel the flame. ;) I guess maybe what's more broken is BF:Vietnam. I mean, seriously. Choke points every where. If the tank/boat makes it to the opposing base, its pretty much game over. In almost every (Vietnam) map. So, see, I don't think CoD is the biggest crap, there is always something more crappy.

Biggest2806d ago

Sounds like you need more friends with grenade launchers and RPGs, Ju. I don't have the same problems you do when I play BC2: Vietnam. The choke point thing is kinda strange. They did a great job in making those maps feel Vietnam-ish. Go watch some videos of that war. Everything was a choke-point or duck hunt (meaning wide open spaces where the defense gets to pick their target at leisure). Team work is key for BC2 in general, and even moreso for Vietnam.

Ju2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Yeah, team work is key. To break the game. I mean, seriously? If you loose all flags and get pushed back to your base in that one map (hill in the middle) there is no way you can make it out of that corner. They could as well let you surrender right there. No random respawns which would you allow to flank. Nothing. I almost made it out once...almost. The weapons are un-balanced like hell, plays nothing like BC2. Assault has no punch at all, engineer can spray what ever he wants and always kills. Sniper campers every where. No, Vietnam is broken. Seriously. Maybe its realistic, but come one. It's still a game.

The_Claw2805d ago


if you get pushed back to your spawn you deserve to lose. theres no easy outs in war son. Vietnam isnt broken, your team is.

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Mcdonald's is the King of fast food.
I say burn down any Keg,Moxies,or similar restaurants you see.

hamsterfist2806d ago

I love your style sir. What about Burger Kings? But isn't McDonalds just an evil corrupt overlord, that is fattening up kids to sell their souls to satan? I say challenge the system!

BTW if you are not a listener to the TPSS family of podcasts, you sound like the exact 'type' of listener who would love the shows. Especially The Rogue Gamer.

XMBeaner2806d ago

OMG, OMG, OMG. This is serious. Don't make light of the fact that Gameloft is stealing. Stealing is a crime and thus makes Gameloft criminals. This can not be happening. CODBlops will not stand for this!

donnaluke20032806d ago

Yeah, because FPS games are totally original. Sheesh. Face it, COD is the Madden of shooters. Nothing new or original.

Dysmorphic2806d ago


"...COD is the Madden of shooters. Nothing new or original." 

I'm tired of idiots like you spouting that bullshit. You might as well be trolling. Read this.

"So many hypocrites, so little time.

I'm sure everyone complaining about "another CoD" are the same people eagerly anticipating Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Elder Scrolls 5, Mass Effect 3, Resistance 3, MotorStorm 3 and Infamous 2.

Guess what?

They're all sequels, just like this next CoD will be. I doubt any of them are going to revolutionize their respective genres but people are still going gaga over them (myself included). A location swap, continuation of the established story and a few new weapons/cars is probably what we're gonna receive.

So, if you're inclined to "hate" on CoD for a lack of innovation, at least do the same for other franchises too."

Biggest2806d ago

Sequels. That's how you try to defend Call of Duty? How often does a new Call of Duty release? Every year, right? How often does a new Madden release? How often does a new Killzone, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Resistance, MotorStorm, Infamous release? It isn't every year. The same things were said the first few times you posted the same junk. All of those games improve with their new versions. Call of Duty got WORSE after Modern Warfare. Killzone 2 was so far above 1 that they might as well be different games (different consoles anyway). Uncharted went from unpolished gem to one of the best games and series of all time. Mass Effect went from RPG to TPS with attribute points. Resistance went from gritty, story driven action to huge, open mayhem, and now to a totally new direction. MotorStorm is in a crumbling city after starting in a dirt track park. Infamous changed everything from character model to city to powers to villains. Call of Duty changed for the worse. They added game killing perks. Tons of lag. More hacks and exploits than a bad copy of Fallout 3. Map packs that cost more than full games like the one we're talking about here. Screw Call of Duty.

Dysmorphic2806d ago

@Biggest: You stated exactly what I did. All of those franchises still play relatively the same. They've changed locations, continued the story, fixed bugs and added more powers/weapons/cars and that's what Call Of Duty does too. Please try and prove me wrong on that.

I don't understand why it matters if it comes out annually. Explain please.

Also, don't blame the developers for hacks, blame the community.

The_Claw2805d ago

the difference between all those sequels and cod is those sequels get better while cod gets worse.

Biggest2805d ago

"@Biggest: You stated exactly what I did. All of those franchises still play relatively the same."

No, dude. We said totally different things. Has a Call of Duty game made an Uncharted-like jump in graphics/story/animation/inclu sion of a brand new online mode? Has a Call of Duty game made a complete engine overhaul like InFamous and Killzone 2? Has a Call of Duty game changed from a FPS to a TPS/RPG? Call of Duty is just like Madden. Yearly releases that change the jersey number or uniform. The sad thing is that's the best part about it. The broken online gameplay, which for a game that is mainly bought for its online component should be important, is the only thing that changes. It goes from solid (CoD4) to hacked (MW2) to hacked and defective (Black Ops). I know you love it. Your love is defense enough for you. It's not good enough for everyone that has a problem with the Maddenification of Call of Duty.

Dysmorphic2805d ago

@Biggest: You could argue that Uncharted should of had an online mode in the first place; that Mass Effect shouldn't have changes it's RPG-like structure; that Resistance should of kept it's uniqe identity from Fall Of Man into the sequel; that the first Killzone shouldn't of been an average game; that MotorStorm lost it's original feel with it's two successors. So, they were all flawed games from the beginning and therefore could be improved. You could also argue that CoD is almost perfect, at least in terms of gameplay and nothing can be done to refine that.

I can see why people are getting sick of CoD, hell I am too, but if you think about it it's our fault. We're the one who spend countless hours playing the campaign, multiplayer and co-op and it isn't helped by all the other FPS we enjoy too. In turn, we become tired of it.

Or, maybe it's just not suited towards your taste and that's fine. I'm not a big fan of many RPG but at least you don't see me on RPG related message boards complaining about it.

As for my love of Call Of Duty? No. I just hate hypocrites with double standards. My favourite game this gen is Heavy Rain/Folklore for gods sake. I respect your opinion and I know what I've said won't change that. Agree to disagree and respect mine too please.

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trainsinrdr2806d ago

just call the game call of duty killer
the mere mention of call of duty in the title will make it sell millions day 1 lol

donnaluke20032806d ago

Some unscrupulous Dev should take your advice. Can you imagine the mayhem? It would be genius!

XMBeaner2806d ago

Please, please Activision make this stop. This is unjust and wrong. you must do everything in your power to end this tyranny. I can't do it alone, fighting of these hoards of Gameloft bots. Please come in a swoop like a dragon of rage and end this. Where is the call to arms from my fellow BlackOperatives. We shall stand together and defend the honor of the game we love and not let something, soil its legacy. Rise up BlackOperatives and play, play COD. Remind these that try to take our game in vain that BlackOps is still the most played and beloved game in history.

XMBeaner2806d ago

RAWRRRRR! You wouldn't say that to my grandma would you? She is the one who opened my eyes to COD. I am one of those if loving call of duty is my crime. Guilty as charged. my clan, the MstrPwnrs laugh at this game, haha haha haha.

trainsinrdr2806d ago

i love how you got 5 agrees to a response to someone who got 5 disagrees lol

Dart892806d ago

Yo xmbeaner hw old r u?

ediddy9992805d ago

Yo take a riddlen and chillax. It's just a video game.

madjedi2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

@xmbeaner I am laughing my ass off, you fools pay $60 for the yearly sequel of cod and spend 90% of the time playing the mp portion. And gameloft is releasing a mp only game for $8, i think it's brilliant, it shows how foolish you yearly cod addicts are.

Now bc and k3 are the pretenders lol, the only thing cod is king of, is the uber casual overpowered army of one playstyle with unbalanced no recoil weapons, overpowered perks and killstreaks.

And if you and your clan are that good, buy mag to see how good you actually are with no aim asist and no overpowered weapons or killstreaks. But then you would have to do without cod holding your hands for you.

But hey keep pissing in your pants about this $8 alternative to cod fps, i am willing to bet the people tired of cod's killstreaks/perks ect will give it a try.

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