MMO in Tights: Will DC Universe change console gaming?

Eurogamer: "Sony Online Entertainment has been working on DC Universe Online for a long time, and this week it's finally ready for public consumption. So why should you care? Well, it's a superhero MMO based on the official DC licence, for a start.

More intriguingly, DC Universe is the first proper MMO for consoles. It has been built from scratch by a Sony-affiliated company for PS3 and PC. There's no porting, no adapting, no converting. It's native. Could this be a watershed moment for the MMO genre?"

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N311V2893d ago

No I don't think so. I don't see this being very successful unfortunately.

Lannient2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

@Scottis The game is packed beleive it or not...

N311V2893d ago

Oh I believe it, personally I got bored with the beta which why I think it might struggle to keep subscriptions. The opening cut scene sets up a great story, just awesome, when you get into the game it's dull though. Missions are given out with very little incentive, batman says go bash him or superman says go smash this and that's it.

Jinxstar2893d ago

Successful or not I am LOVING it. Sooooooo much better then the beta. No freezing. Little slow down.... Fantastic game.

ironmonkey2893d ago

your opinion thats fine. to me i think its gonna be very successful cause i love it. any dc fan out there is gonna get it. there are some crazy fanatics out there who go for these marvel and dc stuff.

ceedubya92891d ago

The game seems to be an initial success already. People seem to be buying it. The true test will be how the game fares with subscriptions.

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Darkfiber2893d ago

Probably not. I don't think it'll really change anything.

Belasco2893d ago

Its the monthly fee thats holding me back, at least make it reasonable.

Si-Fly2893d ago

£10 a month is pretty reasonable already unless you're relying on pocket money still.

Dlacy13g2893d ago

@Belasco...totally agree. Especially when you are asked to pay $60 up front. If it was say $40 and $5 a month it would probably be a game changer...but $15 a month...oh hell no.

256bit2893d ago

then you should never be allowed to talk about WOW or dont even bother playing it, if a montly fee bothers you that much.

Dlacy13g2893d ago

@256bit... LOL..Umm...I don't play WOW for that very reason... I played Everquest back in the day and quit for that very reason.

I will talk about whatever dang game I please though. If I am turned off by the price...I can complain all I want.

@despair, nobody said we were beeing tricked into paying the fee... And you are mistaken if you think you are not "forced" to pay the monthly fee if you wish to play beyond the first 30 days. Clearly you dont mind shelling out $15 a month for one game continuously. I personally like to play many games and therefore dont see the value in a game like this. Its a personal choice I get that. With regards to the article I feel this game will not be a game changer for consoles given the pricing structure. Just my two cents.

Jinxstar2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I am getting very tired of people saying ‘I wont buy anything I have to pay for’ with the pay to play MMO model. Especially people who own a 360 and play on XBL.

1. When you own an MMO you get a large number of things when it is pay to play besides simple server maintenance. You get many free updates with new quests, areas, raids, zones, options and more.

2. When you play an MMO and you really get into it you hardly have time for many other games. It just sounds dumb when people say “Oh I’ll pay 65$ for a game like Bayonetta or Enslaved with only about 10-15 hours of gameplay but I wont pay 90 or 120$ for a few months worth of entertainment”. It’s almost like you’d rather pay 65$ for a weekend of gaming every weekend as opposed to 120$ for 9-10 times that much at the very least…

If MMO’s are not your thing thats fine but as an avid MMO player I can say that the MMO space is very crowded and most F2P MMO’s blow. Heck even many of the paid ones ain’t all that hot. It’s like people wont even take a chance on something that in the end could save you a TON of money because of a principal…

If you don't want to play because "The graphics are not great" or "I hate the controls" or for any other reason then the money thats fine. The money is money well spent for me. I will probably be buying fewer games this year because of DC universe and that is actually a GOOD thing in my eyes. I will only be buying the very BEST games and not wasting money on other junk.

A friend of mine said it best

"people who dont play MMOs say “i wont pay for a mmo monthly”

MMOs that P2play you get


now if you pay micro transactions, you end up either, paying more buying everything in micro transactions, or you get left behind because you dont want too, or cant afford to spend all the money on everything for micro transactions. "

If however you just don't like MMO's then you can't be helped.

starcb262893d ago

I don't have enough time to enjoy this game right now, so i'll probably end up getting it in the summer.

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despair2893d ago

I don't get it, months ago they announced the fee, and its in line with most p2p MMOs(which are better than micro-transactions) and yet people are still complaining.

If you want to look at it like a normal game then you get 30 days free with the purchase of the game, in that 30 days you can, and probably with multiple characters, reach end game content getting more out of it than the average game, including story and cutscenes like a normal game. You can then let your subscription lapse and not pay a dime again, leave it dormant until you feel to pick it up again for new content(by paying the $15.00) or continue your subscription and keep playing the game.

Why must people act like they are being tricked or forced into paying the $15.00, its an MMO always was from the minute they announced it, if they keep the promise of monthly content and considering the world is active and evolving, plus they have to maintain servers, pay employees and make the new content, $15.00 is not bad. Don't moan and groan about it, its just like any other game, you like it or you don't.

Spitfire_Riggz2893d ago

I wish I had enough money to play it...

ironmonkey2893d ago

never know, maybe they might drop it lower. i think profit is first.

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MarioWarfare2893d ago

I hope other people enjoy it but I am not interested in paying a subscription fee even though the game looks cool

Miiikeyyy2893d ago

the monthly fee put me off it, i got the Beta and loved it

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