Important Importables: 10 games to watch for in early 2011

Gamertell: It’s 2011, which means a whole new year of import video game options is approaching. The best part is, the first few months of this year are filled with great DS, PS3, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360 releases. Even if, for some inexplicable reason, all Japanese game companies decided not to release any more new games until Fall 2011, you’d still be set with what’s coming out in the next two months. To help you get your import wishlists together, I’ve collected a list of 10 pretty darn awesome games coming out in Japan very soon. I hope you saved up!

Now, I know the 3DS is coming out next month in Japan. But I’m not recommending it or its games. Word is, they’re region-locked. So it’d be silly to recommend an import 3DS game to people when they’d have to buy a Japanese 3DS just to play it, and then not be able to use that Japanese 3DS to play games from other regions.

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2868d ago

NEVER herd of any of these games:o

Acquiescence2868d ago

10 games out in early 2011 that weeaboos will fap over.

JusenkyoGuide2868d ago

I'll be buying when it comes to america.