Gamestop Kicks Off 3-Day Online Pre-Played Games Sale

"Gamestop has kicked off a 3-day Online Used games sale!

The following tiered discounts are applied to your final order:

•Buy 2-3, Save 10%
•Buy 4-5, Save 20%
•Buy 6 or more, Save 30%
Free shipping on all orders over $20 as well...

Sale runs Jan. 14-16th..."

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jeseth2809d ago

The only used sales worth a damn are the buy 2 get 1 free deals they seem to do once a quarter.

Buy 3 games @ $40 = $120

- %10 = $108

... not such a great deal.

Excalibur2809d ago

Not trying to pimp GS or anything but with the Power up reward card there is pretty much always a B2G1F coupon in your account and they are good for a month at a time.
So far the buy 2 get 1 free deal is open to me for whenever I wish.
The coupon works for as much as you want to print it, heck I give them to my friends too.

wiggles2809d ago

where in your account is the how do you access it?

Excalibur2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Look under "My Account" Then "Active Offers".

Click on the "Purchase Two Pre-owned Video Games and Get One Pre-owned Game of Equal or Lesser Price Free" link and it will pop up a PDF coupon.

Hope this helps.

wiggles2808d ago

Thanks I went looking for it after I read your first comment, thanks, I never would have known

Excalibur2806d ago

No worries.
TBH I found it by accident myself, the web page is not very user friendly.

ddelella2809d ago

Wow, the new year has started off with the worst sales ever. B2G1F, this one, and only a $25 game credit for a new Xbox 360 250GB Kinect bundle purchase. I miss Black Friday :(

Too_many_games2809d ago

wow...i will never used ever again after reading those sweet deals!......-_-

archemides5182809d ago

only if u want defective games from now on