Xbox Users Get Homefront Exclusives Plus Possible Beta Incoming?

Today in NYC, Kaos is having a big event for Homefront so it is possible that more news and information will be coming out today.

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lostinplace2890d ago

It's good to be a 360 fanboy.

AK462890d ago

1st party games > exclusive content

Substance1012890d ago

Hope you do know where all the XBL gold funds go?

It aint first part game development. Rather its taking away content from other fellow gamers. MS possibly has the worst tactics in the industry.

OllieBoy2890d ago

360 baby! All the timed-DLC you can possibly want!

Take that PS3 owners. You can your exclusive games...pfft.

Agent-862890d ago

Doesn't matter. It will be much better on PC anyways.

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xxxAnubisxxx2890d ago

This game looks amazing.... I can't wait!!!

Retro_Zombie2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Reminds me of MAG/BFBC 2 a little bit. But the game looks good. I could care less about exclusive DLC or beta. You guys can do all the leg work and test it out for us. I'll be busy for awhile with KZ3 (Helghast Edition) :P but will definitely be picking this game up when it drops.

HF MP gameplay is sweet

damn after watching the vid, that's a lot of shit to contend with-- tanks, choppas, aerial/ground drones.

Simco8762890d ago

Good job, alienate PC and PS3 users. I will not buy this game now

xX-PEIN-Xx2890d ago

I wasn't buying the game in the first place. Killzone 3 FTW

FailOverHero2890d ago

I don't recall people being up in arms when Assassin's Creed got extra content, RDR, Mafia 2, Dead Space 2, Batman AA, MoH, Dante's Inferno ect, they all got extra content, not even timed, and it was all YAY SONY!
When Microsoft does it, and by the way ps3 players will eventually get this content, its BOO MICROSOFT! I won't buy this game bla bla bla...funny thing that

showtimefolks2890d ago

so i agree let's just chill just hope xbox360 users can send awesome feedback to fix any small issues.

also what is up with these betas being 1 or 2 months before release have a beta like 6 months before so it can give the devs enough time to fix the game

ocnkng2890d ago

The list that you gave could fit in one line. However if you gave example of how many games came with M$ exclusive dlc, not to mention actual games that were timed 'exclusives' heck the list would be big enough to fill this whole page. Important fact is this whole culture of 'timed exclusivity' (that is use money to buy content and deny them to a certain group of gamers) sucks hard and it was M$ who started it this gen and they been doing the most of it. No one can deny that.

Shackdaddy8362890d ago

Wow that sounds really immature to say...

Devs wont let you have more than someone else? Poor baby.

Agent-862890d ago

Don't worry, the PC version will be better than either console.

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slate912890d ago

I hope there is a beta. See if this game is serious or not.

Killzoned2890d ago

Oooh. I thought it was a game announced Exclusively to Xbox 360 but only to find out that its only Timed exclusive DLC

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The story is too old to be commented.