Fan-Made Killzone 3 TV Spot does the game justice

Gamingbolt: A user over at youtube has made an amazing TV Spot for Killzone 3 and it really looks amazing.

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Nike2891d ago

I imagine some people will have an issue with the film strip effect (judging by the comments already on Youtube).

cyborg2891d ago

but this is fan-made video, it won't be shown live on TV, lol

Nike2891d ago

That's true. But still haters gonna still hate (every now and then), lol. Just kidding. Different people means different opinions. :)
Would be cool if it WAS shown on TV though...

Retro_Zombie2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )


Absolutely! Nice vid by the way.

I want KZ3 now! :(

BkaY2890d ago

i am so pumped up for it... to bad i am stuck with the botzone only as beta have ended...

here is one i created...


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Oldsnake0072891d ago

I didn't like this. If they want KZ3 to sell just show the recent ces 11 story trailer in the superbowl or something.

MastaMold2891d ago

Killzone 3 Justice Trailer is more epic, now that trailer i can't turn my eyes away

InFAMOUS12891d ago

The KZ3 Justice trailer is easily one of the best video game trailers I have had the pleasure of watching in a very very long time!

dead_eye2891d ago

It's the voice over that really makes the trailer. Thats what is missing from the fan made ones.

HolyOrangeCows2891d ago

Too much blood and neck-snapping to ever be a TV spot, but yeah, it's pretty cool.

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trounbyfire2891d ago

I am so hoping SECA pushes KZ3. preorders are not even 100,000 yet.

I swear this game has the potential to get to 5 million in sales but people need to know. seriously KZ3 is the only big exclusive i FEB. so Sony better push it big time.

it has to do better than KZ2 which was impressive for the little advertisement it got at 756,245.

I want a million in NA and EU week one

shadow27972891d ago

I'll be pre-ordering when I go to pick up LBP 2. Mostly because I want to get the extra maps free, instead of having to pay extra for them like I did with Halo: Reach.

shadow27972890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

From a post on the Playstation Blog:

"Also includes the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack, featuring two of the most popular maps from Killzone 2."

It's a pre-order bonus at every retailer, so it doesn't matter where you pre-order. That said, it may not even be maps I want to play (I'm so sick of Radec Academy) but, hey, they're free. And if they're going to be in the playlist, I'm probably going to have to have them anyway.

acky12891d ago

This is why I love sony fanz :)
Sony 'til I die

Joni-Ice2891d ago

Well Im a Sony fan, not because of the PS3, but because of the PS1. Im also a fan because I like the electronics they sell. Sony's gaming, televisions, cameras etc just work well for my lifestyle.

On Topic....That video was good, but I like the most recent video shown on the PS Blog. The video was EPIC!

zero_cool2890d ago

A lot of gaming media is biased & opinionated these days so you gotta take these sites with a grain of salt because they stretch the truth 90% time.Back on topic this is pretty well done for a fan hats off to that person or persons that put this video together.

SillyBastid2890d ago

I pray they change the controls to match more of battlefield... BFBC has a weighty feel to the character without making aiming pure aggravation.

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