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fooltheman2561d ago

ha, That's where there money for hardcoregames goes

MidnytRain2561d ago

This is utterly stupid. It's not helping anyone, only hurting others. Timed DLC doesn't even affect the 360 owners, it just punishes everyone else. It's pointless, nobody "wins".

RedRedSuitSDF2561d ago

Actually, timed exclusive stuff affects me very nicely. I'll be ripping and rocking hardcore way before and PS3 only owner on COD for the new maps. And I'll have plenty of "wins" on those new maps before any of them. :p

Blacktric2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

You'll be paying 15 bucks for 3-4 new maps that doesn't even give you achievements or story related content. I wouldn't call that a win.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

@ miDnIghtEr20C

you think a lot of people will care about Homefront when this games come out

LBP2,Killzone 3,Motorstorm 3,Socom 4,
Mass Effect 2,Dead Space 2,Bulletstorm......

btw. COD is for noobs. Battlefield > COD

Headquarters112561d ago

lmao nobody is going to buy that game and it's going to fail hard. Try harder next time M$

NoBias2561d ago

Actually Homefront doesn't look bad at all. But of course people are going to use this news to end up taking a jab at the game they haven't played.

Whatever makes you feel better, I guess..

NegativeCreepWA2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Funny, now all the sudden the game isn't worth getting.

Headquarters112561d ago

If anybody cared about this game then this article wouldn't be only 100 degrees. FAAIIL.

MidnytRain2561d ago

No, actually, you don't. Don't you understand? You're not getting it early, the PS3 owners are getting it late. All Microsoft is doing is keeping the content away from us.

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Hellsvacancy2561d ago

Meh, its a rental at best anyway, ill b buyin far too many over the next few months, no time for crap like this when K3s gonna b sittin there on my shelf

MidnytRain2561d ago

Maybe we should wait until they game is released before we pass judgement, eh? I mean, it's pretty harsh to call it "crap" when no one outside the studio has even played it.

Ahasverus2561d ago

And they want to take money from us...

hamburger1232561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

They can have it.

I rather have exclusive games then exclusive DLC

That is the difference between Xbox and PS3 i guess.

Bluemaster772561d ago

Thats crazy release the damn game first before you start yapping about DLC smh

NYC_Gamer2561d ago

why waste money on timed dlc?

nycredude2561d ago

Why waste money on this game period? So many good games coming out for me to spend another generic shooter.

RBLAZE19882561d ago

Eh it sounded like the game was going to have a pretty compelling single player campaign and it interested me...but now it has fallen off my radar and i could care less about it. It's a real shame

MidnytRain2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

You should still give the game a chance. As I stated in my first post, it doesn't even affect the game itself if you don't buy it, especially if you buy it for a PS3. Imagine your most anticipated multiplatform game right now. Now imagine if Microsoft announced timed-exclusive DLC for that game. You wouldn't really just forget about it, would you? There's nothing wrong with not having interest in an upcoming game, but let's not bash the developers at Kaos without knowing as much as we could about the game.

nycredude2561d ago


I have way too many games to buy this year and a whole bunch I haven't finished from last year. My time and money is limited and I've been looking for every chance NOT to buy some of the games previously on my radar.

So ANY developer doing this is likely to loose a sale here.

guigsy2561d ago

They want to get multi-console owners to buy the 360 version obviously.

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