Killzone 3 Helghast Edition gets a price drop

HMV has lowered the price of Killzone 3's Helghast Edition to £99.99, down from the original price of £112.33.

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EL1TE2894d ago


I can't believe it's only one month and a bit left, it's like forever, i want it now. :)

EU Version:

US Version:

M-Easy2894d ago

I hate that the EU always gets better box art.

The_Count2894d ago

That EU box art is for the steelbook. The regular game is simiolar to the US cover. Also the US Helghast pic is old so it might now have the Steel book.

joydestroy2894d ago

i'm pretty excited about this game. one of my most anticipated for 2011

Nate-Dog2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

About time. Surprisingly enough when I was pre-ordering LBP2 in GAME here in Ireland I noticed they had the Helghast edition up for pre-order too with a deposit (I could see it in the book they had out for all the codes). They didn't say anything to me when I asked about it but I wonder if they actually will ending up getting it. If they're taking money for it chances are they will.

Shani2894d ago

wow.. Hope US price drops as well. or is it HMV only?

Nate-Dog2894d ago

I'm not sure about the US price but the UK version at £112 was way overpriced. I know it seems a good CE but £112 is around $180 and I mean you could buy 3 new games for that. :S

This is a bit more reasonable.

Shani2893d ago

wow I just did conversion of currency..
its still more priced than US.

I am glad you it dropped price there. More people will be buying it.
Thanks for reply.

Lucreto2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Dammit I can't order it online. :(

Does anyone know if I can order this from Ireland in store?

Nate-Dog2893d ago

I haven't seen any advertisements for Ireland HMVs selling it instore myself, they're not really big on games here. You should ask in GAME (if you have one near you), they seem to be selling it.

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The story is too old to be commented.