Will Halo 3 Slay Home Entertainment Rivals?

When Microsoft releases Halo 3 to video-game zealots later this month, the newest generation of the company's popular action game is widely expected to shatter sales records.

But while the latest edition of the blockbuster game franchise may put the software giant's game and entertainment business in the black for the first time, its release also poses a larger question: Will it also be the game changer that Microsoft (MSFT) needs in its gambit to become the central brand name in home entertainment?

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eagle213834d ago

nope. If they continue these great strides, the future is bright though. Is MS going to make a Halo 4, or spin off story?

NextGen24Gamer3834d ago

Michael Pachter, a video-game analyst for Wedbush Morgan Securities, says Halo 3 could sell close to 3 million copies on its opening day alone. He says pre- orders typically account for about 40% of the first day's sales, and he figures pre-orders for Halo 3 are already around the 1.3 million mark.

"This game could sell between 7 million and 8 million units by the end of the year at pretty much full price," Pachter said.

He also estimated that roughly half of the 11.6 million global users of the Xbox 360 will eventually purchase the game, as well as 25-30% of future Xbox buyers.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3834d ago

Once Halo 3 comes out, the world will just freeze and nobody will ever want to play a different game again. First Person shooting is all that matters.

toughNAME3834d ago

you just cant get enough of Halo 3 articles can you?

Microsoft Knight3834d ago

no other game can match halo 3 not even borzone 2 with it's ps2 graphics and Sony will lose this console war it all those faulty pos3 that they keep releasing with last gen hardware hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

leon763834d ago

WTF that you're talking about?????? ahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3834d ago


Keowrath3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

@ 4.1 Not altogether too strange coming from someone with "Mart" in their name. I believe the medical term is called Sonyus Haterios. There is a similar disease called Threesixoh Despisexil. Commonly found on this very web site! and it usually comes to light in threads that have nothing to do with them at all.

On topic, I don't see Halo3 destroying the opposition. But break records? Yeah I think that's a definite.

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THUNDERMARE3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

The thing about Halo is, it got a huge fan base. However, expand beyond fan is another thing. That not to say Halo is a bad game, its a good game, but people that going to buy Halo is those to have purchase Halo and Halo 2 and love it.
This is the time when MS has to prove that it can expand Halo franchise beyond the original fan.
For me, I just have enough of FPS.

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