NPD Results, December 2010: Industry Down 9% For December, 5% For Year

Tracking results from the NPD Group for new U.S. retail video game sales in December showed industry revenues for the important December sales period shrinking 9 percent compared to the same month last year, leaving the industry down 5 percent for the entire year.

Just over $5 billion in December spending on new hardware, software and accessories at retail contributed to an annual mark of $18.58 billion in new retail sales, down 6 percent for the year. With PC game sales included, however, that whole industry mark rises to $19.3 billion, down just 5 percent from last year.

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M-Easy2892d ago

This is because more people troll gaming sites than actually buy and play games. Sales down 9%, trolling up 400%.

Ryudo2892d ago

Someone had to do the lame DBZ joke....

Sarevok2892d ago

Sorry... Can't help myself. ^^;

dkgshiz2892d ago

How many NPD result articles do we need?

Fallouts2892d ago

yea, all cause the ps3 had to be a slouch this holiday!

cut that price!

lol im so going to lose a bubble...

All3Consoles2892d ago

I think this will change this year. The PS3 has a killer lineup.

MarioWarfare2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Damn, industry has been down two years in a row, I guess most gamers on the internet spend more time talking about games than actually playing games.

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