No Wii Sports 2 – has Iwata gone Nuts?

Gameplayer examines the recent comments by Satoru Iwata which states that there are no plans for a Wii Sports 2 as Nintendo don't take the 'easy way'. An odd comment from a company that has just phoned-in Mario Party 8.

"What an outrageous load of poppycock. The Wii has already reached plenty of new people, and it shows little sign of slowing up. Just last week, the Wii literally flew past Xbox 360 in global sales to nine million units. What's more, Wii Sports, whilst incredibly popular with the mass audience, is a deeply flawed title that would benefit from a sequel."

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eagle213806d ago

Do you guys want a sequel? Anyway, the wii has surpassed sales of 360 simply by Japan sales. 360 must sell in Japan. PS3 will secure at least second this gen if 360 keeps poor sales in Japan. PS3 and 360 will keep it tight in the US/ price cuts, games, and marketing will work back and forth in favor in 2008. Europe the same. But if PS3 breaks out on par with wii in Japan, it will be third for MS by next fall. Keep the comments real. SNES beat Genesis because of sales in Japan, despite Segas huge US gains.

GoLeafsGo3806d ago

"Nintendo don't take the 'easy way' out"

That's why we've got a bazillion Mario games (spin-offs included)and about 30 Pokemon games.

Yup, Nintendo's all about trying the hard way.

DeckUKold3806d ago

Did u see any serious mario games though only 3 in the past 11 years and pokemon only on handheld why hate i know M$ take the super easy way new halo way to fast and already another in next year so thats 4 halos and 3 serious marios in 12 years wow and halo didn't even show up till 2001 and if you go to 2001 you got halo,halo2,halo3 and mario platformers since 01 sunshine which i liked and galaxy preordered it in 5 months ago wow and i mentiond no spin offs in this one microsoft nintendo comming for ya get halo microsoft u have no games in 08 i know get halo halo is on bottles train station commercials two months b4 the game came out M$ cant stick to halo forever better get another franchise and nintendo got a bunch so don't gimme that mario the only 1 crap

lawler3806d ago

So? There's more to Wii than "Wii Sports".

Cat3806d ago

"benefit from a sequel"? how about "get it right the first time" for a motto. i think devs everywhere should treat that like the hippocratic oath. can you imagine marketing the sequel to a game that would "benefit" from it? "try it again, we think we've got it this time!! really!!" lol

Rooftrellen3806d ago

I always felt like Wii Sports was a way to get used to using the controller, not really a game in and of itself.

Other games have improved on almost every sport in Wii sports, and with good reason. Wii sports crams 5 games and some extras onto it, while a dedicated sports game only has that one sport and some extras.

If a sequal could help, it wouldn't help much. It would give people a full collection of sports, on 2 games, maybe, but they wouldn't be as in depth as a game dedicated to any one sport.

Now if they wanted to make a Wii Curling...hmm...

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The story is too old to be commented.