Bilson: "I wouldn’t have put Taliban in Medal of Honor"

EA's inclusion of the Taliban as a playable faction in the multiplayer portion of last year's Afghanistan shooter Medal of Honor turned enough heads to force it to scrap the idea at the 11th hour, but for THQ core games boss Danny Bilson, the Taliban should never have even been considered.

"I wouldn't have put them in in the first place," Bilson told Eurogamer in New York this week. "I wouldn't have."

THQ's soon-to-be-released shooter Homefront depicts a 'what if?' scenario in which the US is invaded by Korea.

Bilson describes the game as "speculative fiction", but following the recent escalation of the real world conflict between North Korea and South Korea, some have suggested that Homefront is bad taste.

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zerox5052889d ago

bilson is a fucking faggot

nycredude2889d ago

Seriously though they were in the single player. the game revolves around that region of the world. What were they supposed to do? Who are we supposed to be fighting there? The Labitan?

That being said MOH sucks imo and I am sure Homefront will suck too.

lordkemp0072889d ago

They should use albinos for the next installment.
I think that's fair enough.

HarryPS32889d ago

A gamer should always have the choice on whatever side he likes to play. Personal opinions about politics(political correctness) pisses me off certainly in games. I can't play WWII themed games because you are either an american or brit, in single player that is.

itsralf2888d ago

It's just a game, who cares what character your controlling?

HarryPS32888d ago

A different perspective, tactics and a totally different out come of the game. Did or do you ride with the short bus?

itsralf2888d ago

What difference does it make in the real world?
The world that matters.

Nobody went and shot up an airport after playing MW2.
I'd have no problem playing a game where I was the bad guy. Why? Because it's not real. It's nice to see multiple sides of war, too. Just because you think someone is the bad guy doesn't make them the bad guy. They think you're just as bad.

Solans Scott2889d ago

Medal of Honor was trying to tell a solider's story based on an ongoing war and because of that the Taliban were included in the game. This may have offended some people but I really don't think it made that much of a difference.

The premise behind Homefront suggests that America has been occupied by Korea and civilians that haven't been captured or killed are trying to survive and build a resistance. Bilson may call it "speculative fiction" but I seriously wonder what people in Korea would call it.

Finally, another thing that bothers me about his statements is that he has suggested that if something happens in the real world and is included in a videogame it's taboo, but you could easily make up something just as disturbing but that would be alright.

Whether the source material is fictional or non-fictional it always runs the risk of offending anyone.

Garnett2889d ago

Cause playing a Nazi is better?