First 5 Minutes Of Mass Effect

Here's some video of the opening of Mass Effect.Enjoy!

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TeaDouble_E3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

This is CWAZY !!!

Edit : Why did I get a disagree ? When I said this game is cwazy I mean this game looks awesome in the visual side. You cant deny good looking game, so why disagree ?

marionz3621d ago

yet another game using the unreal engine that has unbearable pop up textures, well count me out im not buying anymore pop up games! bioshock has put me off for good!
notice the chair on the guy who is saying check alot? its awefull and not next gen to see texture pop in, it fully takes me out of the experience

jay33621d ago

I am just hoping that that was sarcasm.

If not, that is the stupidest comment i have ever seen.

ktchong3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

I was just gonna submit this!

monkey6023621d ago

This game has just tonight become a must buy for me.

monkey6023621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Nice to know I'm not the only one. For a moment there I thought I have been living under a rock.

EDIT: To the guy/guys that disagreed with mine and ToughName's comments explain yourself please.

Dr Pepper3621d ago

@ monkey602

People will disagree with any comment for no reason at all, even if it doesn't make sense to disagree with it. One time I told someone Bioshock had already been released and someone pressed disagree (this was just after I had finished playing Bioshock for the day).

monkey6023621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

DrPepper I know all too well about it my friend it really annoys me each time. I cannot stand when people disagree and dont have the stones to tell you why. Or if its done in a situation where it just doesnt make sense to dissagree.
A good example on my part would be I once said I havent played Dead Rising on the Xbox and someone disagreed.

EDIT: Okay I found a better example just today I made a comment saying that the European version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma got censored and someone disagreed.

EDIT: OMFG I got another disagree, someone is doing this to take the
p!$$, But jokes on you because this time I found it hilarious.

power of Green 3621d ago

Dissagreeing is a way for people to vent on other gamers.

I never seen such loyalty and malice although this game would make anybody envyous most would buy the system to play it instead of attacking the people willing to do what its takes to give it a go.

This Trilogy could end up being legendary up there with Zelda, Halo & FF.

darkequitus3621d ago

There were scum out there that disagreed with the Colin Mcrae condolences on this web site. That says a lot about those individuals

JasonPC360PS3Wii3621d ago

Example: I was making an apology to Maddens Raiders for being a d!ck to him two days before (I just got out of surgery so I was a d!ck to everyone) and I got like 6 disagrees, for f**king saying sorry. LOL all I said in the entire comment was "Sorry Maddens for being a d!ck to you the other day"

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the_round_peg3621d ago

Be afraid. Be very very afraid.

TeaDouble_E3621d ago

Microsoft kids got ther own good games and Sony kids got ther own good games. You make it sound like this game will destroy a system that alot of people want. Stop acting as if your console the best direction, your nobody important why should someone take you seriously, only a Fangirl would want to make a statement like that ! LOLOLOLOLOL

s8anicslayer3621d ago

this game does look sick!there's so much inovation involved in this game it's amazing.I will buy this game even though i'm no fan of rpg's