PS3 “Trophy Unlocker:” brings the death of Trophies?

Gamersmint: According to a post at NeoGaf, hackers have developed a homebrew app for the console known as “Trophy unlocker” which allows you to get 100% completion in any game, i.e platinum it and sync the date to Sony’s servers

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jony_dols2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

I wonder what losers would actually use this?

It defeats the whole purpose of Trophies.

I'd like to see a useful hacks such as custom music tracks on every game or MKV support, stuff like that makes CFW worthwhile.

Down with piracy, down with loser virgin game cheaters.

zireno2560d ago

exactly!!, there's nothing more awesome than the feeling you get when you unlock your final trophy for a game and get the platinum by your own merits, getting all the trophies with a f*ing hack it's just plain stupid.

lociefer2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

well i hope sony bricks their ps3s and ban their ids

Silly Mammo2560d ago

The same people that hack on FPSs. I mean what's the point?

Iamback2560d ago

i knew this was going to happen. Now my level 12 is basically useless.Can't believe this. Sony can't protect themselves from hackers to save their lives. what a let down

Shadow Flare2560d ago

This is the most pointless of the most pointless, proves nothing to nobody by doing this. Note to hackers: get out of your mums basement and enjoy life a little. GEEZ.

InfectedDK2560d ago

Stop with this bs.
Geohot is cool for coming on CNN and so and making things he do but just don't missuse it to ruin things for others pls.

Anarki2560d ago


Sony have done pretty well considering PS3 has been on market for roughly......5 years? and it's taken all these hackers all this time to crack. That's pretty good, if you ask me.

ONTOPIC: This is pretty sad, though sony will be able to view the dates you got all your trophies and just go on banning sprees, surely. As much as I'd love to jailbreak my ps3, just for the stupid little emulators and stuff - I wont, mostly for the fear of being banned.

ComboBreaker2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

All I see is stuff for losers and pirates. Where's the homebrew to enable support for SRT subtitles? Where's my MKV? Where's the homebrew apps that actually benefit normal gamers?

Redempteur2560d ago

i enjoy trophies but if i come across someone with 100% on everything , then i just check the dates to see if he is legit or not ..this should be easy to check for anyone with a brain ...

Besides there are similar tools for the 360 and teh achievement system is still used ..

DirtyLary2560d ago

Good, get rid of the damn things. Trophy and Achievement obsession mean more to kids than actually keeping and playing games these days. This obsession kills the longevity of so many online titles. Kids blast through games racing to get their trophies, turn around and run to gamestop ripping themselves off to trade it in and buy the next title. No one cares about a silly number next to your name, well maybe other obsessed.

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bananlol2560d ago

Are achivements worthless? You have been able to do this on the 360 for years. Remember the 100000 point dude who had his gamertag marked as cheating? No why would microsoft do that if this wasnt possible?

And really, these unlocks are hat you make of them, say i play a game really much and get a plat, hen that plat will mean something to me. If i just hack it it becomes useless. The only generally useful thing about this is that you can see which games your online friends have.

fail0verflow2560d ago


Commander_TK2560d ago

I've only hacked MW2 (that game deserves it lol), but I'm really pissed off about this since I'm a trophy hunter.

EeJLP-2560d ago

Ban everyone that got every trophy (online and offline) at the exact same time.

Bunch of scrubs though, whoever uses this and the loser that made it.

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Nineball21122560d ago

Great, but even if true, it won't affect me. I have to admit that it is satisfying when you unlock a hard trophy. It feels like an accomplishment.

I normally don't worry how many trophies other ppl have, it's more for my own satisfaction.

FailOverHero2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

N4G has been hacked lol. There are no pending news. They went from 173 to 11 in 1 minute. Lol lol lol . Hackers unite!

Philoctetes2560d ago

Who cares? If somebody wants to hack some trophies, that doesn't affect me at all. It's just sad that somebody cares enough to do this.

Hellsvacancy2560d ago

Aint that the truth, my Demons Souls platinum is all mine mine mine

FailOverHero2560d ago

Whats the big deal if it won't affect YOUR trophies? Let people do what they wanna with THEIR trophies, it does not affect you!
It's not like trophies matter or are redeemable for anything other than bragging rights, right?

Ducky2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Sony should just add a bonus trophy and call it 'Thinking outside the box.' or something...

Only way to obtain it is to hack. Would sure making tracking these monkeys easier.

Although I don't know who'd want to use this. Trophies are put there to add longevity to a game... unlocking them all is like pissing in your own soup.

Ocelot5252560d ago

great idea!

make it a hidden trophy, and one who'se not required for platinum.

wait a couple of months, and than ban all the users who have it, together with an email that they broken the TOS

Ultraplayerxp2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

And when they finally ban those friggin douches, one last trophy unlocks. . .

Trophy Unlocked
Gotcha B!tch

starvinbull2560d ago

The thing i love about all these hacks that people are developing is that they leave great big bread crumb trails to the hackers. Perma-bans all round for trophy cheats.

batterystrength2560d ago

Soo who said again that homebrew is a good thing ? All I read so far is that they made applications to run pirated games, that it will lead to über hacks (which will ruin online gaming for everyone) and now this.

Wake me up when useful and original apps appear that aren't related to piracy/cheating.

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DevilsOwn2560d ago

Defeats the entire purpose of trophies. Lets hope its not true.

cyborg2560d ago

this is true going be the news doing the rounds but I just hope Sony can detect this and maybe it'll actually help them ban such pirates and hackers.

iamnsuperman2560d ago

I am not sure what idiot will do it because like you said it is going to be quite obvious someone has used this hack and so will be banned unless they spend countless hours unlocking a trophy lets say after every 15 minutes to avoid suspicion but then they have no life

yoghurt2560d ago

No it doesn't, I earn trophies as an acheivment of what I have done - the only people this will ruin things for are people who don't actually want to earn the trophies, they just wants the stats.

assassin2k2560d ago

This is a prime example of cheating the system is cheating yourself. I have put hundreds of hours into gaining (relatively poor in comparison to others) trophies, and I worked hard for what I have achieved. Anyone who is sad enough to use a cheat to 100% loads of games to try and make it to the top of leader boards really has no life. No life at all!

cyborg2560d ago

disturbing is that, there are actually people like that in the internet, who'll do that and be happy about it. I just hope Sony can detect it and ban their asses. Than we can have the last laugh about it

sorceror1712560d ago

There will be people who do it. It's the people you see who have Hanna Montana plats that'll be tempted.

(Full disclosure: I admit I have the Terminator Salvation platinum, but I'm a longtime geek for Terminator stuff.)

Zydake2560d ago

This is terrible but I'd like to use it for Socom lol jk.

psb2560d ago

this is pathetic. I hope Sony can ban their asses.