DualShock 3 is "confirmed"

A listen to the latest episode of the 1UP Yours podcast reveals that the rumbling DualShock 3 is "confirmed," at least according to 1UP's lead Sony fanboy, Shane.

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sonarus3905d ago

confirmed or confirmed for tgs. heard it but think he said confirmed for tgs

tomfoolery3904d ago

at the beginning when you were deprived of rumble.
All that I'm saying is don't act like you didn't care then
when under the surface you really did,and said things about certain competitors in the attemt to shrug off how cool and important rumble
was and always can be.
Just an observation,don't lie to yourselves like Sony does to you....haha.....peace.

KeMoBLUE3904d ago

LMAO. i love how you go back to the past with words like "didn't, was, then" well we couldn't careless about the past. geez is this your best attempt and shooting down this great news??? i laugh at you.

leon763904d ago

"You Xbox guys know you were truly bothered
when you were tottally f*cked up with the DEFFECTIVE CONSOLES AND RROD!!!
All that I'm saying is don't act like you didn't care then
when under the surface you really did!!!!!!!
Just an observation,don't lie to yourselves like Microsoft does to you!!!!!!"
That's more like it!!!!!

sonarus3904d ago

well to be perfectly honest all fanboy antics aside i have both consoles and i personally prefer playin on the 360 simply because of the greater variety of games. However recently i have warhawk to play, graw 2 which i played the demo on 360 and rumble would greatly enhance the game play then heavenly sword. This is the most fun i have had with my ps3 period. As more games come in i no doubt will have more fun. However i have been having fun without rumble and i will continue to. However rumble does enhance gameplay in some instances and i honestly cant't wait to see it in games like heavenly sword, warhawk and graw. 360 fanboys who are here can be jolly all they want and try to pull ps3 news dwn in the usual immature manner. I for one am excited about 2 things. If they include firmware 2.0 with in game xmb, a release date for home that is very close and rumble then 360 wnt be getting much play anymore. I planned to sell it after christmas anyway but 2 titles are currently holdin me back NG2 and banjo kazooie.

MANTIIS3904d ago

Dude, concerning your reply to Tom Fool- you just don't know how right your second to last sentence is. MS is the biggest liar in the biz. If they could have gotten away lying to consumers about the defective, rushed systems for another year-they most definitely would have. I'm sure MS's defense to this would be something like, "Oh we're sorry. We didn't realize that there was a problem, until we had a million repair tickets, half a million tickets didn't allow us to perceive a problem." Yeah right.

Scrooge3904d ago

Ooooooohhhh, another RRoD joke. L O freakin L

sak5003904d ago

LOL u fony turds dont hav anything else except RROD and its gotten quite old now. NOw it doesnt even bother cuz of 3 year warranty and newer versions of heat sinks. While we still are waiting for the next gen to start when sony says its started, 4d gfx, rumble old gen, LIAR, Warcrap, Girlysord are the games of next gen (yeah next gen 10 years back). Also just wait for E3 06, then E3 07, now E3 08...WAIT WAIT AND MOre WAITING. AND ALL U retards can come up with RROD. Just like sony u lack creativity.

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Bigmac5733905d ago

He adds balance to the show since Garnet is a 360 fanboy. Jon Davidson just moderates them haha

gaffyh3904d ago

He is not that much of a fanboy as the rest of them, he's also a Wii fanboy which makes him more neutral than the rest. :)

DrPirate3905d ago

My inside source in Sony told me this as well. (Yes I'm a Sony Fan because I actually have family stake in the company, so console wars affect me in that way).

He's made good on previous facts like the Price Drop and PSP Slim.

I'd say this is happening 100% since he told me this, and then 2-3 days later, I hear this.

spammy_nooo3905d ago

I guess I'd better comment on this since it's my story :)

Personally I was fine without rumble, but now that it's coming out I'm DEFINITELY not going to complain. If nothing else it'll make Killzone 2 even more immersive.

xaphanze3905d ago

what else did he tell u? Anything about the 400$ PS3? Will they remove some features?

still the worst3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )


DrPirate3905d ago

(It's my brother) and no, he didn't even mention anything about firmware 2.0 or anything like that, just that a new controller with rumble would come out, and it would be called "DualShock 3"