Some New iPod Nanos Afflicted With Tilted Screens

The new iPod nanos are exhibiting screen problems for a small subset of owners, whereby the screen doesn't appear to be completely level within the casing. More than a dozen people have reported the issue on Apple's Support forums, with most reports saying video appears tilted slightly to the left.

Read on after the jump to see what Apple plans on doing to resolve the issue...

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pwnsause3934d ago

I hate ipod, I rather get a zune or walkman.

stunt2133934d ago

I seriously will never get an ipod nano in my life because its always the one with problems, but im planning to get ipod touch yeah yeah.

pwnsause3934d ago

dont get it its just to make the iphone users happy with what they brought

monkey6023934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I got an Ipod Nano 8gb (the old one) for a present last Christmass and I've used it almost everyday since. I love it.

marcellizot3933d ago

What in the name of Metal Halo Hyrule on the Xstation Lite does this have to do with gaming?

Jrome3933d ago

Ipod Touch is such a waste of money. Archos PMPs have touch screen wifi, and more for way less. 30, 60 and 160 gigs (160 gig is as much as the ipod touch which has 16 gigs) and if you get the flash one it comes with a memory card slot. Rofl, and people think ipod touch is cool.