3DS Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater Listed for Pre-Order By Amazon

Paul writes, "Amazon has listed none other than Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater for the 3DS to be released on December 31st, 2020 by Konami (contrary to earlier reports of a spring date, though this is simply a retailer listing and does not indicate the actual date of release). The international leading marketplace for online transactions is already taking Pre-orders on the game for $34.99. Hit the link here to see for yourself..."

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Hitman07692891d ago

This game will look pretty cool indeed in 3D I think.

-Mezzo-2891d ago

Announce the Price of 3DS, so i can Pre-Order this already. as a big fan of MGS Series and Snake Eater In Particular i cannot wait to Pre-Order it.


Even if the 3ds launches with grand theft auto im still not buying it. My money is going to the psp2

Dannehkins2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I am really undecided at the moment. I can't see 3D, but I am wondering if I have my glasses, will it correct it so I can see it? I do realise it does 2D, but I wouldn't feel I would be getting my money's worth if I couldn't enjoy every aspect of the DS.

I do love Pokemon though and that usually is the one that tips me over into buying it.

I can't wait to see what Sony has in store though. From the rumours, it sounds good so I hope Sony live up to that.

digitaledge2891d ago

Isn't that a bit pre-emptive since nothing has been confirmed about the PSP2, and no games have been announced? I will wait until it is announced and we can see exactly what it can do before I make a decision on the PSP2.

So far, all we have is rumour and conjecture with the PSP2, but with the 3DS, the system has been announced, the games have been announced, and it is close to coming out, and for me as a gamer, it's these kinds of things that influence my decision when choosing what system to buy - not the brand name.

digitaledge2891d ago

My reply above was aimed at Blackboijones. Forgot to mention that.

DenyTheFacts2891d ago

No, I don't believe that's possible.

TroyAndAbed2891d ago

December 31st, 2020?!? That's nine years from now...

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