10 Licenses That Need To Be Snapped Up Now

Licensed video game content has had a mixed history over the years, but when it's good, it's often great. Gameplayer takes a look at ten licenses that may benefit from a video game adaptation.

"The most important consideration in selecting a license is not how popular it is, but rather the potential to build natural gaming scenarios around the fictional events depicted. With this in mind, we have identified ten licenses that are more than ripe for new video game adaptations."

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RadientFlux3656d ago

I always thought WeaveWorld would make an awesome RPG or MMORPG

monkey6023656d ago

There is something I just cant stand about Dr Who, It actually bugs me. As for the rest of the list I think the only others I've heard of are DeadWood and Pulp Fiction.

SlappingOysters3656d ago

These books are awesome and I know that they are making an HBO four season series on them: not sure what type of game it should be. Oblivion like would be cool.

Barreldragon003656d ago

The one license that needs to be a game is Firefly (or Serenity if you didn't see the TV show)

monkey6023656d ago

I havent seen either but I want to, Ive heard good things.

sicknnyc3656d ago

Or make a make a Cowboy Bebop game!

Bathyj3656d ago

That what i was thinking. firefly or dexter.