3DS games to cost £40 in the UK?

3DS games could cost as much as Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 games, according to product listings on the websites of various UK retailers.

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Stealth20k2659d ago

A big fat rumor until nintendo announces the official prices

Venatus-Deus2659d ago

3DS will be DOA if rumours are true.

AGamerOfConsoles2659d ago

3DS will not be Dead on arrival. It is the best gaming device announced last year. It has a lot of support and a lot of hype. And for the record the rumours will not be true. We have already been through the price tags.

The prices are being made up. End of.

Venatus-Deus2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Which is why I said 'if true'. Duh!

You have no idea what the cost will be or how much those little glassless 3D screens cost to produce. You have no idea what is true or false. You’re just a person with access to the internet.

Please just let the rest of us have fun speculating without the 'Trust me, I'm in the know... wink wink' crap that your 3 bubble multiple account reputation doesn’t afford you.

gunnerforlife2659d ago

loool if they think i will buy more then 1 3DS game a month they must be really stupid! anyways only time i will buy the 3ds is when its £130

MajestieBeast2659d ago

I doubt the production costs of 3ds games are as high as lets say GT5 and GTA4.

MGRogue20172659d ago

well... that'll suck.

Anyway, I ain't getting 3DS.. PSP 2 for me.

Kran2659d ago

Wait wait wait. I've seen normal DS games at £40 anyway so whats all the fuss about?

FAGOL2659d ago

lol that's overpriced. Max i've seen is £30.

Kain812659d ago

there is a rumor about the EU price (349€) for the 3DS, is that price confirmed?
If this is the Price for the 3DS, than i wait for a major Price cut
Hope the PSP2 is not that expensiv...i think i buy it first and wait for the 3DSlite...

2659d ago
AGamerOfConsoles2659d ago

No because another retailer is selling it for £170. The retailers are making up price tags. As for the games IDK.

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The story is too old to be commented.