Week recap: PS3 $399; Xbox 360 sales; Wii Zapper

News items include:

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 fell after a rebound in the latest Japan retail tally. The PS3 ranked two software titles in the top 50 in the sales period.

Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 by more than 2-to-1 in the latest retail data released this week by NPD Group Inc. Additionally, an Xbox 360 title ranked as the No. 1 best-selling game in the month of Aug.

Nintendo this week announced that it will retail the Wii Zapper on Nov. 19 in the U.S. The gun peripheral will include the software, Link's Crossbow Training.

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Chitown712913904d ago

or is Sony having a comeback story. I mean I know most of the stuff recently has been rumors but these rumors are staying and neither Sony or Square Enix is deminishing them. I mean i dont thing they would let things get this out of control (as far as rumors go to let people get disapointed.)I mean if they are reading the comments and stuff people are making u know stuff like " This would make me sale my 360 and save up the money to get this", thats when it is time to make a move and announce a remake before people start saying it will never happen, and lose the steam it had.And with a 400 dollar pricetag Sony going to have a tough time next year.......................... ............................... ............................... ......................Keeping the PS3 in stock!

Hydrollex3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

PS3 with 20GB $299
PS3 with 10GB $199
PS3 with no GB $99
PS3 with noting $00


Hydrollex3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Sony is struggling so bad to pwn Microsoft (Dropping prices left and right ). We have to sit and wait to see what will happen.

Bnet3433904d ago

people who admit they are a ps3 fanboys are xbots in disguise, no pun intended.

sicknnyc3904d ago

Your Bi-Polar like Game

gerrard3904d ago

I wouldn't worry too much about whats happening at this stage, because things will eventually get better and is getting better now with lots of things to look forward to, right now we already have great games i.e resistance, ninja gaiden, HS, Warhawk & Liar(in spite of what ps3 haters say of it) and not to mention its firmware upgrade 1.93 and what to come are games Like UT3, Uncharted Drakes Fortunes, R&C, Haze, GT5 Prologue, FF13 (possibly VII remake), KZ2, MGS4 and the list goes on, Home is coming as well as firmware 2.0 and possibly dual shock 3 and price drop. As i said things will get better, the 360 may own this year but the future of PS3 is looking bright so theres nothing to worry about

Captain Tuttle3904d ago

How do you keep track of your crazy conspiracy theories? Xbox fanboys acting like PS3 fanboys? LMAO!!

feejo3874d ago

The one that will wait to buy will win alot.

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Chitown712913904d ago

but I predict that microsoft will have installed base of about 15-17 million starting into the 2008 year with Wii having 12 and PS3 9-11, these are just my thoughts.The 360 fanbase will be like this thanks to HALO 3 everybody knows this theres no denying it but then would do they have next year to compete with Sonys titles, milked titles like Splinter Cell and Ninja Gaiden not saying they are bad games theres just not to much more you can do with gameplay mechanics. They also have Too Human and Alan Wake coming out but are they going too sell consoles. I'm predicting NOT . I think they will sell well because existing 360 owners will have buy it but nobody is going to buy a console to play these games. And as for Nintendo its looking dated already to me. Now look at Sony and there system sellers. Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid 4 these two titles are going to sell systems like crazy and this isn't all thats in our arsenal but these two are multi-million selling games that I can think of off the head that I know for sure are on PS3. Final Fantasy 7 remake of course would put PS3 sales in the stratusphere but we dont know if its legit(yet). Everything else Sony is going to have to put some hype and great marketing on them to sell consoles. Not saying they want sell but they are going to need good marketing to sell exceedingly well.

BIadestarX3904d ago

We don't know much about microsoft plans. Yes, it's true that many gamers speciall sony fans rely for the most parts in titles like Metal Gear and undermind the power of new IPs. For example, 3 years ago... did we know Gears of war was going to be a AAA responsible of seling xbox 360s? How about bioshock? any word on mass effect? No long ago all people would say the xbox had was Halo.... how about now?
it seems as the new IPs are the ones leading the industry today with games like Bioshock, Gears, Heavenly sword, etc... one never know what games will come and be a AAA title. Too human can be it...

Let's not forget that Square is working with Microsoft to bring games to the xbox 360... maybe TGS will shed some light into 2008 Microsoft's plans and new games... rest asure that Microsoft is not known to spend so much money and resources just to drop everything and sit on their hands... after they gotten so far. Why seems to be most Sony fanboys mindset... they actually think.. that microsoft got this far with the xbox 360.. and now they are just going to just... stop.. making games.. on 2008.. and sit on their hands.. I think we will know more about 2008 after halo 3 is released... microsoft does not want halo 3 to be overshadowed by some 2008 game.

DJ3904d ago

I don't see Microsoft selling 18 million anytime soon.

xplosneer3904d ago

Except that's the way Microsoft likes it and they are keeping 2008 in the dark. No one knows what other stuff is going to pop up, but so far it doesn't look strong. Not to say it won't change. I agree +bubble

Bathyj3904d ago

Sony, believe it or not can afford to drop prices because their games division actually makes money and has done for a decade. Afterall there are over 250 million Playstations out there in one form or another. MS's games division can only afford to drop prices cos it keeps draining its parent companies tit. If Xbox belonged to anyone but Microsoft it wouldn't exist anymore.

Dont get me wrong, I'm glad I (and we) have Xbox in the World but I dont see Sony in any long term trouble or needing PWN M$ as you put it. If PWNing means running a successful business then they've already done it and a $399 PS3 is going to hurt them any.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

"....If Xbox belonged to anyone but Microsoft it wouldn't exist anymore."

Very true.

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