Sony puts odd spin on December sales

Sony has offered a strange retort to the Xbox 360 trouncing PlayStation across the US last month, stating that "PS3 is perhaps the only console that grows more valuable over time".

Is Sony suggesting people keep their PS3 so they can sell at a profit further down the line?

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samuraiX2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Both companies talk $hit.. all that's different this gen is that it's the current trend to poke fun at Sony, because of the large PS3 fanbase on the net equals hits

These sites are after fanboys hits more than after game news, pathetic.

Owning both consoles I mus say I play them equally. Sony does have a lot more exclusives I really want though. MS dropped a lot of devs last year and I really don't see any games I'm interested in this year besides some great XBLA content.

PlayerX2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

The PS3 has the smallest fanbase period. Though the vocal minority usually dominates the internet so I can see the PS3 have a large fanbase.

As for what Sony said. It is just damage control and nothing more.

MajestieBeast2891d ago

You should really check other sites for once.

samuraiX2891d ago

Wrong, Go check out Gametrailers forums 360 section is empty, there are only casual game disscutions,

and check the boards(forums) at IGN and the forum at NeoGaf

PS3 fanbase is larger.

Statix2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

More specifically, PS3 seemingly has the largest HARDCORE (i.e., loyal) fanbase, a fanbase that cares enough to declare their fan(boy) status on the interwebs and forums.

Xbox 360 might have a larger "fanbase" when you count casuals and semi-casuals, most of whom aren't as hardcore and passionate about their system.

This is all just my subjective conjecture, of course. I don't have hard data or statistics to back these impressions up.

RememberThe3572891d ago

I hate to say this but I think the loyalty and "hardcore" arguments are valid. Not out of my own preference, but out of my own experience with my friends. Most of my friends are 360 gamers and they really do love their system. But for the most part they don't follow game news at all. They don't go online a talk about videogames. They turn on the their 360 and play COD or watch ESPN3. So, form what I've seen they're just a less avid group as they focus on other things.

Kran2891d ago

So because the Xbox 360 sold more, the PS3 suddenly has a smaller fanbase?

Wow. Your statement is a whole bunch of fail. I mean you could own a 360 and not even like it, you know. You may preffer the PS3 more but just dont have the money to get one yet, like me.

The Meerkat2891d ago

PS3 fans are only louder on certain forums.

360 fans don't need forums. They have cross game chat.

ComboBreaker2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

puts odd spin on Sony's statement.

Meerkat pays $60.
Used cross game chat to talk sales.
Friends put Meerkat on mute.
Told Meerkat to go to N4G.


I agreed.
The reason why Xbox fans are all on the internet is because all their exclusives sucks and Xbox Live sucks! If Xbox Live was any good and if it was free, they would be on there a lot more instead of being on N4G bashing the PS3!

Statix2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

@The Meerkat: Certain forums, or most forums? Not that I would know personally, since I don't even visit videogame forums anymore.

Insofar as 360 having cross-game chat, you definitely got me there. Your ability to do voice communications across different games with 5 or 6 personal friends at a time is most definitely the exact equivalent to posting on a message board or commenting on a news site where there are hundreds or thousands of active members and posters.

Not to mention PS3 owners can't even begin to know what it's like to have such an awesome, amazing, system-selling feature like cross-game voice chat, since they're obviously too stupid or technically inept to work out how to use a superior-quality voice chat system like Skype or Xfire.

jaysquared2891d ago

The reason why Sony fans are all on the internet is because all their exclusives sucks and PSN sucks! If PSN was any good and allowed them to easily play with their friends they would be on there a lot more instead of being on N4G bashing the 360!

Jezuz2891d ago

lol silly you. Check around here and every other sites

JD_Shadow2891d ago

Well, since you had the time to comment ABOUT it...

HolyOrangeCows2891d ago


LOL, exactly. The "People on teh forumz cause deh haz no gaemz" excuse is ironic and tired.

Besides, how long does it take to comment? I read articles and comment between MP matches.

otherZinc2891d ago


That was a very accurate post, post of the month for you. Very intelligent.

2891d ago
Oner2890d ago

Look at this fanboy above me ^ he is a prime example of the term. The amount of false information that kids like him actually believe is sad. If K-Lan didn't "give a $#@!" then why would he post this to me a few days ago?

"Make sure to be here when the games get announced okay? I know you're use to waiting years for announced games to be released. Are you happy waiting?" ~

You are an immature, ignorant, pitiful trolling fanboy who cannot keep track of the BS you spew. You're a mad hater who is speaks nothing but biased misinformation that is constantly broken down and proven to be false all the time.

Just like this time.

WengYong2890d ago

All I have to say is Eurogamer commenting on US sales :/

If you really are "Euro" then why not talk about sales in the area of Europe???


SasanovaS19872890d ago

with that phrase, they ment "the ps3 doesnt crap out on you as often as our competition, thus rebuying the system on holidays is unlikely"

disagree all you want, but thats exactly what they ment

Anon19742890d ago

I still can't get over how the PS3 can trounce the 360 in sales all year long worldwide, but every single time NPD numbers come out the media falls over over itself to try to convince us that the PS3 is a failure.

It's always the same. 360 outsells the PS3 in US. PS3 makes up for it in Japan. Europe puts the PS3 on top. It's been the same thing for 4 years now, and yet every single month we see articles that try to convince us otherwise when the NPD numbers come out.

Is perspective too much to ask for in these articles? Really?

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Strikepackage Bravo2891d ago

Wait I thought it was the American media that is always trash talking the PS3? Clearly that theory is BS, IGN or Gamespot would NEVER have the balls to write something like this.

And yes I agree PS3 has the bigger more vocal fanboy base ONLINE, this is why US sites are biased in favor of PS3.

As much as everyone claims the 360 has no games, the reality is it does, it still has more than PS3 by far overall, plus it has XBL, people play games longer on 360;
as a result we see 360 fans playing games in their spare time instead of running to the internet to defend and promote a billion dollar corporation, the way Sony fans clearly do.

lazysey2890d ago

around the holidays you could have net a new xbox 360 slim for around $129.99 us. for the most part sony stayed at rsp $299.99 and bundled games. so that might have had an influence on the steep sales

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Zir02891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Sony would have been better off just staying silent like they usually do.

It's a shame for them EU (not including the UK) and Japan don't equal the majority of the gaming world.


Learn to read before you type:
""likely amazing YOY [year-over-year] growth numbers for Xbox." In non-business speak, that means he's expecting last month's Xbox 360 hardware sales to have surpassed the figure recorded in December 2009. While that would mean more than 1.31 million Xboxes were sold in the final month of 2010"

Don't just look at just the numbers.

And Eurogamer said 1.9ml which is correct, the only one spinning numbers is you.

samuraiX2891d ago

On Eurogamer it reports Microsoft sold 1.6m and on Joystiq it reports Major Nelson says 1.3m. All these figures are messed up. Plus it's important remember Sony performs well outside of the US as well

I think Eurogamer are spinning some numbers with MS.

Death24942891d ago


Actually it's 1.87 million to be exact. Please don't add a whole 300k units to the total.

Wii = 2.36
Xbox360 = 1.87
Ps3 = 1.21

I'm sure EU made up for the difference in December and Japan put them over the top for December. What happened to Pachters "2-1" prediction? Remember America is suppose to be 360's main market. Besides Ps3 is still $299 and 360 is $199. Also if you want to boast numbers then check out Neogaf and you'll see who sold more worldwide in 2010.

Statix2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

What's odd is that a site named "Eurogamer" is seemingly so preoccupied with American sales figures... at least when it happens to favor the Xbox 360 over the PS3.

What's also odd is that Eurogamer felt the need to point out the EXTREMELY OBVIOUS fact that a corporation put "spin" into its PR announcements. I guess they must think that their entire readership is comprised of naive children who didn't already realize that companies like to put PR spin on everything.

Eurogamer is a joke.

Threesix2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

How is it odd that a gaming website is covering a PR message from a major gaming company? It's as if you're suggesting that a site called EuroGamer isn't allowed to cover news outside of Europe and this includes boring sales figure news that only fanboys would get upset over and start calling the media entity that reports it a joke...oh.

Statix2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Find me one, single, solitary Eurogamer article where they point out how Microsoft fuddles with the numbers in some "odd" way, or puts PR spin/damage control on something.

Just one. And post the link in a response here.

Threesix2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

You're missing the point I was making. Instead of being overly obsessed with how a website is reporting something, whether it's positive or negative, you should just learn to appreciate the games being made. This is what I don't get about this website. This obsession with a pointless pissing contest that whatever console you have is the best.

So many people are so concerned over sales numbers and any bad press towards a system they like is instantly branded as a "joke" or "company bought news" that you're all forgetting the whole point of what gaming is about. You want to prove so badly that your console is "perfect" and anything against it is biased. Well sorry to break it to you, but you need to wake up and accept that every console has flaws, and none of the major game companies, whether it's Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo are perfect.

And back to your request which is basically getting down to the question: Is Eurogamer biased towards Microsoft? I don't know because I don't read it regularly, but here's a link where the developers of Alan Wake, which is affiliated with MS Studios, put PR spin on Alan Wake's poor US sales:

Hope you're happy but I'd suggest that you spend less time looking for websites that carry any sort of perceived bias in the first place because that's just a waste of time. All I got from this was that if Sony wants to make a comment where they're trying to save face, then you can't denounce someone for simply reporting it.

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