Square Enix's TGS booth floor plan

Square Enix has released a map of their booth floor plan. It looks like the closed mega theater will receive all the action as the following will be featured there:

· Fabula Nova Crystallis (XIII, Versus XIII, Agito XIII, Haeresis XIII?)
· The Last Remnant
· Possible new Final Fantasy VII compilation game or remake
· New Kingdom Hearts title (According to Nomura its not Kingdom Hearts III)
· Possible new Ivalice Alliance title

The rest of the trailers will be featured at the open theater, which means we're going to get a load of new media from the event.

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sumfood4u3538d ago

I hope the bring out a new FFMMORPG for the PS3, Ive played FF11 for 4 1/2 years but I want a newer version on the PS3. Also Reliving the Glorified Remake of 7, would be Mondo Ubber!

Naruto3538d ago

HAAAAAAAAAAA keeping dreaming