SEGA Issue Official Dreamcast Collection Statement; No PS3 Version Planned

Following the much rumoured retail release of the Dreamcast Collection, SEGA Europe Ltd. and SEGA of America, Inc. today confined that a packaged compilation of classic titles from SEGA's popular Dreamcast console will hit retail shelves on the Xbox 360 and the PC. The Dreamcast Collection will be available next month in both Europe and North America.

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ComboBreaker2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

And here, I thought Sega was in the business of getting our money. I guess I was wrong. Sega is only in the business of delaying the getting of our money.

kevco332896d ago

I think it's a bit silly not even including a single title that's not available to download. Stick Phantasy Star Online on there, and you'll have loads of people buy it even thought they've already bought the XBLA versions...

Yi-Long2896d ago

... when was the last time they DID actually give the fans what they want!?

They're so completely clueless, it isn't even funny...

ComboBreaker2896d ago

come to N4G more, and read about what their fans want, instead of listening to what Microsoft dictates.

Dragun6192896d ago

Dude this dreamcast collection sucks. So dissappointed with the selection of dc games. This is more like a dreamcast games volume 1. You can get Sonic adventures n crazy taxi on psn/ xbla already n space channel 5: part 2 or sega bass Fishing do not intrest me at all. How bout sega make a real dreamcast collection with power stone 1&2, skies of Arcadia, jet grind radio, etc. And Here's hoping Sega is saving the PS3 version to fill the bluray disc with more remastered dc games so it can actually be a collection rather than some 4-games mini pack/ volume.

R2D22896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

But but MS paid them.


jony_dols2896d ago

Oh no, I can't play some 'classic' dreamcast games......

Damn, it looks like I'll have to settle for the Ico collection in 3D.

hay2896d ago

Misleading title. No mention of PS3 version != no ps3 version planned. Click whores.

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Andronix2896d ago

I'm all for top quality exclusives, but this one is not something to boast about. Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi have been available on Xbox LIVE & PSN since last year, and whilst I love the originals these ports are nothing to write home about. I played the demos and Sonic had a 4x3 box screen, and Crazy Taxi lost most of that music and licensing that would have made it a nostalgic trip for me.

Sega not mentioning the word 'exclusive' probably means exclusive launch, which for a substandard port is nothing to crow about.

Microsoft needs to deliver the stuff gamers want. I don't want Kinect Party Sports exclusives. I want some hardcore exclusives for my 360. I know Gears 3 & Forza 4 are exclusive but what about something more? I'd be happy with some quality ports. How about Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic HD or Halo: Combat Evolved HD?

sobekflakmonkey2896d ago

Its funny cause i have a dreamcast, the whole actual console, and i have like 20-30 games, and they are all extremely good, i will definitely not be getting this shitty pack of games...

BattleAxe2895d ago

No harm done, Sega hasen't made a good game in years, and if I wanted to play any classic games worth playing I'd buy a Nintendo Wii.

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ps3360games2896d ago

cool now xbox 360 has 2 exslives

MajestieBeast2896d ago

Not really seeing as its also on pc.

ComboBreaker2896d ago

360 Exclusive:
Any game that is...
+ available on the 360
+ available everywhere else
+ not availble on the PS3

PS3 Exclusive:
Any game that is...
+ availble only on the PS3

Bathyj2896d ago

Wow, many people blame PS2 for the death of Dreamcast, and many of those people became xbox fans.

Surely Sega arent that petty are they?

Jellzy2896d ago

Surely not, but this only emphasizes how far SEGA have fallen. Poor business decision.

Note i don't say this in support of the PS3 as I'm not bothered personally but I also thought it was stupid for Ubisoft not to release the PoP trilogy on the 360.

InfiniteRetro2896d ago

rofl fail. microsoft now their market ROFL

DA_SHREDDER2896d ago

Sega already has dreamcast games on the psn, also, the article doesn't say the ps3 version isn't coming. This UK site says they will keep us updated about the ps3 version. Talk about misleading?

BTW, I dont even care about this collection unless skies of arcadia and Armada is on there. If not this isn't even gonna be worth a rental.

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