Operation Flashpoint: Red River images show off new graphical update

Recently posted to the official Operation Flashpoint: Red River blog, these are 2 new images of the game taken using an iPhone 4, showing off the latest graphical update of the game.

The images are taken from the X360 version of the game.

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DoomeDx2506d ago

Whats the diffrence between this & Dragon Rising?

Look about the same to me, just with a new color

ATi_Elite2506d ago

Yeh I see NO difference except they are using more than 3 colors this time. The picture up top is a cut scene and not game-play.

Dragon Rising PC was HORRIBLE. it barley had KB/M support. They better offer a DEMO cause I'm not buying this before I play it, NO WAY do I trust Codemasters.

Arma II > Operation Flashpoint DR

IaMs122506d ago

lets just hope its a better game overall than Dragon Rising. I couldnt play it, bought $20 bucks what a waste.

Sarcasm2506d ago

I got it for $3.00 off the steam sale and even I regret that.

I could appreciate that it aims to be realistic, but it got to the point of dying 15 times over and over and running over and over and over got pretty frustrating and tiring.

It's a good realistic shooter with some clunky design choices.

il-mouzer2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

I got it for free... yeah I kind of regret it.

PS: not pirated - when I bought the i7, OCuk had it on offer.

2506d ago
phinch2506d ago

It was a very realistic game.... up until after i died and came back, id have an invisible gun, other than that though i did like the style of the game very much open battle field tactics used, it was great to not have to put up with some kid running around the fields with 2 shotguns and not getting tired from his ninja like sprinting and building hopping

MGRogue20172506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I'm definately getting this.. I'm a sucker for games like CoD & Medal of Honor..

So addictive.

Modern Combat: Domination is going to be great, out on 18th.

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