Final Fantasy VII Remake: If It Happens

Okay, hints are getting fonder and fonder of a Final Fantasy VII remake for the PlayStation 3, but Square isn't giving the details. Hopefully, TGS 07 will. But lets look into it, if an announcement is made about the remake, what would you want in it? Here's the list that onAXIS has gathered up thanks to their sources.

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ChibiSelz3745d ago

they def need to add pvp system at gold saucer that would be awsome face people online at the battle square ^^

TheSadTruth3745d ago

You guys need to wake up ;/

If they do decide to remake FFVII, they have stated it would take 3-4 years to make. Stop with the wishful thinking TT!!!

cloud3603744d ago

This game doesnt need to be released it just needs to be announced...

Its the 2nd best selling game on ps1 if its announced people will know which console will win.

Scythesean3745d ago

just for the hell of it make an alternate ending to bring back aeris. Just to make all the fangirls and boys happy. Keep the original ending but make it to where after you beat the game once you can go back and bring her back to life then beat the game again with a different ending.

Dmack793745d ago


Azailex Sorrow3745d ago

Can we make this happen, i would also want to have the full experince fighting sephiroth!

And a great ending!

TheFatOne3745d ago

They should bring back Aeris and then kill her off again.

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The story is too old to be commented.