Dead Space 2 Review - 9/10 in Edge

The latest Dead Space 2 has arrived, and it's yet another impressive mark from the latest Edge magazine, which awards the EA horror 9/10.

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no_more_trolling2652d ago

i really am looking forward to this

UnwanteDreamz2652d ago

Me too

Game Informer gave it the same score for those who want an opinion not from Edge.

zireno2652d ago

Expected, the first one was amazing, and the demo for DS2 was pretty sweet.

blizzard_cool2652d ago

I know that Dead Space will be great! To bad I don't give a damn bout Edge

ps3bestever2652d ago

9/10 from edge?!! Dead space 2 one of the best game of 2010

Eiffel2652d ago

ಠ_ಠ 2010? Wut? I don't even...

visualb2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

edge could have given it 1/10 and to me it'd still be a potential GOTY game (2011 btw)

this is surprising though.

Urmomlol2652d ago

Remember when journalists actually made news instead of stealing other people's and passing it off as their own in order to profit from it?

Yeah, me neither.

Miiikeyyy2652d ago

9/10? doesnt surpruse me tbh, the demo was freakin' sweet!

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