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It’s interesting that, in an age of mimicry, there are certain proven formulas that go entirely unnoticed, and as a result, remain at the fore of innovation through under-the-radar solitude. The case on show here is in the console area of user-generated content; a flower seemingly ripe for the picking, yet so few have really dabbled in the area, including the world’s most innovative software and hardware developer - Nintendo.

While the larger powers that be at Microsoft and Sony are busy emulating Nintendo’s success with expanding their core audience to include casual players with motion-sensors and controllers, a developer within one of these powers is busy innovating on its own merits and are leading the user-generated content charge with a tried and tested formula the creative community is eating up in droves.

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Miiikeyyy2863d ago

8.8 is such a good review score, but for LBP2 it seems so crappy tbh XD