8.0 - Spelunker HD Review (PS3/PSN)

Spelunker HD is the story of an average person attempting deep cave exploration in an attempt to unearth treasures and reach new depths. In the player’s journey to unearth treasure and explore mysterious caverns various difficulties present themselves. The player must avoid the collapsing ceilings, ghosts, snakes, lack of energy and even small holes in the ground. In fact, the slightest mishap, such as getting too close to a geyser or falling a matter of inches, will rob the player of precious lives.

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2891d ago
Lirky2891d ago

There's many levels to go thru + its challenging + playstation home items that you can unlock to wear to mis match gears that u already have also.

YoungKingDoran2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

woohoo. been waiting for this. love spelunker on nes ... i got so good at it i finished it without dying once. i was in the zone hardcore that day. and its much more than just a remake