PlayStation expansion into China planned

Joystiq: Sony is finally ready to take on one of the largest emerging markets in the world: China. A report in China Daily details Sony Computer Entertainment's plans on expanding into the Asian mainland.

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Seijoru2889d ago

aaaand Sony wins the console war.

HOTA9X2889d ago

Maybe, its quite the large market to enter. I hope the chinese enjoy gaming.

Wenis2889d ago

Yeah, but there's going to be about 5 total people as of now who can afford it lol.

Anyways, whats up with the kid in the article playing ps3 in the bathtub.

BrianG2888d ago


You must not know Chine my friend, its not the same as it was a few decades ago, it is one of the fastest growing economies at the current time, along with India.

Believe me, they can afford a PS3.

worldgames2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

@wenis your kidding right? Have you been to the major cities in China??

Maybe you should go their, because their major cities are very westernized and their is a lot of money flowing through the country because of trade going on their.

r1sh122888d ago

The problem is that china are more patriotic than many other countries (Namely USA), they have issues with buying things from Japan especially since the relationship between the 2 countries has been bad since the Japanese invasion many years ago...(1910 or something).
It will be interesting too see how they Chinese react to getting the playstation there

tigertron2888d ago

but its made in China. ;) (Well, most of them)

Ju2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Ever been in China lately? Electronics, e.g. real (!) cell phones cost more than in the west, and yet you can find them at every corner.

Even if only 5% could afford that, it's 5% out of a billion. Quite some numbers.

This "is made in China" argument is interesting. The only cheap stuff you can find in China is knock offs. And you basically find almost everything in these "corner stores" - except real phones.

As soon as you hit a regular mall, the prices go up. Everything costs the same or more than in the west, especially cloth (you get the same branded-knockoff for a fraction somewhere else) but yet, people buy stuff there. I guess its something like a status symbol if you can afford to buy in the upscale shops or something.

And yet, both, knock offs and branded wares are made in China. Mandufacturing costs on both are basically the same. Only difference is, one fall of the conveyor belt somewhere and the others leave the ware house by a truck...

Wenis2888d ago

Actually yes, I was kidding. I guess the 5 out of 1,000,000,000 people who can afford a ps3 joke went over your guys' heads.

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LordMarius2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

1 billion potential costumers, lol
and now thats its hacked you know that they will bite
but they will probably start with the PS2(regaining its lead against the DS, lol)

RememberThe3572888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

"With a powerful anti-piracy function, the products are set to play a role in advancing the protection of intellectual property rights, he said."

Sounds like they are exploring the hardware option in fighting the piracy. Plus, they didn't say anything about the PS3. This might be them talking about the PSP2 and that new Xperia phone.

baodeus2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

and the next thing you know, china gonna come out with their own playstation. I don't know, google tried, apple tried (they even succeed in Japan which seem odd,), but i don't know, China seem to be a hard place to crack.

OmniAtlas2889d ago

apple hasn't failed. Have you seen their Shanghai store??

baodeus2889d ago

actually i think you are right, apple is the only one so far seem to have some success, although china did come out with similar product.

specialguest2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

China is the capitol of pirated media. Expect pirated PS3 games to be sold openly in the streets.

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BlackIceJoe2889d ago

This is cool news. I wonder if this means there is a chance for some CRPG games. I have only played a few CRPG games before on the PC. So if Sony can get some cool CRPG's on the PS3 & PSP2 that would be great.

Dart892889d ago

More players are always welcomed.I like playing with different people around the world.

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Infernostew2889d ago

It only does breaking down communist rules.

Dart892889d ago

Best comment so far u deserve a bub.

TANUKI2889d ago

:) I approve of Infernostew's comment. Bub+

Ju2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

China is only a communist country for people from the West.

Yet, sure, I do not agree with the constraint their government puts on its people. And full democracy would be desired. Google works, but no Facebook? (but other services work just fine).

My experience is that economically and socially (when you talk to people) I would not consider this a communist country.

Like with every country the government can only reach that far. If it rules with oppression what develops is a social environment below a governing layer. It still has its communist touch - but I experienced this differently than what I did in our communist neighbors in the 80s when I was a kid.

China is a full capitalist society - even though the government works differently. Heck, they even have a mortgage system to buy homes (subsidized so low income can afford homes) - something you would not expect from a communist country.

zeph942889d ago

Hmm, would be cool but I'm thinking that china won't let their players mix with others. Maybe

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