First images of Rainy Woods, the rainiest and woodiest survival horror game yet

Destructoid is reporting that Famitsu has the first screenshots of the upcoming PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 survival horror title, Rainy Woods.

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Dr Pepper3927d ago

This game has a ways to go in the graphics department.

Eagle_CFC3927d ago

...just to warn people, when I clicked on the link my toolbar (Crawler) warned me that the site was dangerous and was trying to download something to my PC. Bit odd. Better to share than not.

xaphanze3927d ago

Indeed it has.

I hope it turns out to be great coz i love horror games.

Bnet3433927d ago

Same here, and we need more of them.

monkey6023927d ago

True DrPepper but it might only be the pre-alpha build.
Rainy Woods is a bit of a weird name too. I'm going to keep an eye on this though. I like survival horror and this is the first I've heard of this one.

Dr Pepper3927d ago

Yeah rainy woods is a weird name. But I guess it makes sense if the game is going to take place in the woods and have miserable weather.

monkey6023927d ago

Even still the name sounds like that a young child would make up. Imagine this happened with something else, like jurassic park it would be called "Big Dinosaurus Gets Mad"
Aww I really hope I bunch of replies with weird names for stuff after this.

Dr Pepper3927d ago

Yeah, it does sound kind of childish. It doesn't really have the effect of "woah, that sounds awesome". Instead, it's sort of like "ok...?"

xaphanze3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

The graphics in pre alfa arent supposed to look that great? *thinks of how KZ 2 will turn out*

InMyOpinion3927d ago

Is Rainy Woods japanese for Alan Wake?

CaptainMeatwad3927d ago

Alan Wake is the name of the main character, so I doubt it. Besides, this game looks very different from Alan Wake (judging from screenshots)

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The story is too old to be commented.