IGN Xbox 360 Ends 2010 with a Bang

Microsoft says its December hardware sales were so high the company had to pull inventory planned for January and February to meet the demand

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Wenis2891d ago

I think some fanboys may be (butt)hurt over the success of Kinect but thats about it.

AAACE52891d ago

Guess no one looked at the side bar saying 360 sold 1.9 million in december.

RSPproductionz2891d ago

if your xbox ends the year with a bang your disc wll be scratched and you will probably get the famous RROD

Army_of_Darkness2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

If its selling and doing well, then more power to ms and the people who bought it.... I have no jealousy or envy towards them and hope them the best that their purchase of kinect pays off.... Eventually...... I on the otherhand enjoy my move controller and cant wait to play kz3 and deadspace extractions with it along with all the other games;-). ...

shoddy2891d ago

hope they don't regret spending $150 then that's hurt.

karl2891d ago

yeah... more money for MS to spend on marketing

ComboBreaker2891d ago

It's the biggest year for Xbox, if you're a stock holder and soccer mom.

But if you're a 360 gamer, you pretty much got left out this year.

edgeofblade2891d ago

I fail to see how core gamers got left out this year. OH, I can see how YOU see core gamers got left out... that's really simple: you hate Microsoft enough to squelch rationality.

ComboBreaker2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

The unfortunate thing about that is that it goes both ways too. You love Microsoft enough to squelch rationality...

and to squelch the truth: Microsoft's abandonment of core gamers for soccer moms.

karl2891d ago

people seems to get confused over this

third party isnt MS

that means that even if u do have some games to play
they are not MS's

u support a company that doesnt invest in u... how dumb is that?

jesus SONY doesnt charge u anything for using a PS3.. yet they keep making games

u guys keep paying and paying even after u bought your xbox and u get nothing in return

that gotta suck

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jaysquared2891d ago

and Sony ends with a thud!

Corepred42891d ago

good thing sony continues to sell well all through the year

rezzah2891d ago

Sony has nothing to do with this article about MS success.

Stop trolling.

DelbertGrady2891d ago

@rezzah - Yeah, cause there are no Sony fanboys in here trolling...

16BitMonster2891d ago

2 Xbox's later I still wont buy the new slim one. Microsoft is full of crooks.

sak5002891d ago

Take your trolling to geohotz website. PWNED for life your ps3 has..

On topic: i still want MS to give us core gamers more thought when planning content for 360 as if it wasn't for us die hards 360 would hv had it's final RROD.

Corepred42891d ago

so then MS has pwned your life? since they dropped you like a sack of bricks?

16BitMonster2891d ago

I am quickly learning this site is full of immature little kids.

"2 Xbox's later I still wont buy the new slim one. Microsoft is full of crooks." is what I posted meaning with the topic that is, how is it possible that people still support the 360 the way they do knowing it has had the RROD since day one. Now they decided to release a new system 4 years later instead of fixing the problem earlier? That almost seems like a joke on us. Seriously. I haven't followed the slim yet but I cant imagine them releasing something of quality after they left us high and dry with a problem.

I went through 2 360's and i had owned 36 360 games, I supported them 110% but at the time they didnt have the extended warrenty they have now. How can I support a company that didnt support me.

BLACKBOIJONES2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Wow what a day... for the past few days 360 fan boys were in hiding bcuz lbp2 were getting amazing scores...Now 2day they come out of no were bcuz of sony taking a beat down in sales... lol..All u fan boys need a life!!!!!!

eggbert2891d ago

I was unaware you could buy shares in solely the PS3 or the 360, I thought you had to buy shares in Microsoft/Sony, of which these consoles aren't even the biggest factors in terms of their success.

LordMarius2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

stop instigating

AAACE52891d ago

Dude, lbp didnt make a great splash on the industry despite its reviews, so why would anyome be hiding from it? Gt5 was the power hitter and it did well. So be happy with that.

jneul2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

yes selling 4.16m copies is such a bad amount of sales for a new I.P right(sarcasm)??

LBP2 will boost the series and it will sell more as Sony actually is advertising it from release day, LBP2 sales will be massive

AAACE52891d ago

@Jnuel... You missed the point!

Halo games, Killzone 2 and Gears games all kept people interested after it's release and people still talk about them in some form or another. They helped sell systems.

LBP 1 did sell a nice amount and was talked about for a few weeks after that, but then it seemed like everyone forgot about it or lost interest!

It is/was a very creative game, but it didn't make a lot of people feel like they had to play that game!

FailOverHero2891d ago

No. Very well done. Sales = money. You get a golden star on your big forehead

etownone2891d ago

"You get a golden star on your big forehead"

LMAO !!!!!!!

edhe2891d ago

Sales = money = profit = investment = new games.


BLACKBOIJONES2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Yes what u are saying is true but at the same time if a company has multiple products under it u can choose to invest more in a product of ur choice.