42 Min Mass Effect Video

***WARNING*** Spoilers are in video, but if you don't care here you go.

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ktchong3934d ago

goddamned... this is the greatest video on N4G, evar.

nasim3934d ago

looks just like a wii game with lilliput low poly aliens

bluebrad19743934d ago

This game is only second to Crysis in graphics quality. I knew the game was supposed to look great, but F*** I didn't know it looked that good! Gears of who? Killzone what?

ShiftyLookingCow3934d ago

whoever disagreed with TRP are a bunch of retards, I just saw the whole video and its amazing

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X_GAMER_X3934d ago

Not being a fanboy or somthin but this GOT to be the most realistic game I ever seen. Not based on graphic only.
The dialog system,the way u create a character,environment, Lights effect..everything

My opinion

Bleem3603933d ago

Great find - this just shot way up my most wanted list.

Have another bubble on me!

@nasim - are you for real? I'm torn between tracking and ignoring you though I see that decision wasn't too difficult for most people.

Dr Pepper3934d ago

How bad are the spoilers?

X_GAMER_X3934d ago

I havn't watch the hole thing yet but it taks you from the beginning of the game.When u create the character and so on.

Im not gonna watch the hole thing :p

ShiftyLookingCow3934d ago

not much. And if you were reading the novel, I would say nothing

bluebrad19743934d ago

I didn't see anything that Bioware hasn't already talked about. You probably don't want to miss this vid.

Dr Pepper3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Thanks. I'll start watching the vid right now. Sounds like it's worth it.

Edit: Nevermind, it'll take too long and I want the beginning to be new and fresh when I first play it.

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Daxx3934d ago

I'm going watch the whole thing. I hunger for Mass Effect footage. :P

ShiftyLookingCow3934d ago

same here, having seen recent trailers and GC07 gameplay videos I doubt there will be too many spoilers, now I wish it download faster

monkey6023934d ago

42mins oh I want to watch it but thats just too much specially if its going to ruin the game in any way?

monkey6023934d ago

well that doesnt seem to be a problem now that the video wont load past the 3 minute mark for me :(

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The story is too old to be commented.