Sony Reacts to NPD, Fails to Provide Move Sales Update

Sony has now issued a response to the December and year-end NPD sales data, and while it's clear PS3 didn't fare too well against Xbox 360 during the holiday season, Sony and PS3 owners have plenty to look forward to in 2011. Unfortunately, if you were looking to get new PlayStation Move sales numbers with the NPD update, Sony has again avoided providing that.

Here's the NPD reaction:

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donniebaseball2896d ago

That's too bad, and likely not a good sign for whatever the real sales data is for Move right now.

Spitfire_Riggz2896d ago

Yeah thats weird because I always see Kinects at walmart but not any Moves. I guess Microsoft is just shipping way more than Sony

Tinasumsum2896d ago

That's because retailers are buying more Kinects because of demand so they're in and out of stock more often. Retailers buy Move but buy them less often at lower numbers because the demand isn't close to kinect.

Droid Smasha2896d ago

Sony: " Hey guys at least those Marcus PSP ads were great, right?.....right? "

Retro_Zombie2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

This is all you need to know.

"According to the December NPD, PlayStation is the only console company to show year over year software growth with an impressive 32% increase in its sales.Since launching four months ago, PlayStation Move has introduced 50 supported titles, with close to 20 titles still on the horizon."

"The combination of innovative hardware and a relentless line up of blockbuster titles is why the PS3 is perhaps the only console that grows more valuable over time. As we come out of the gates in 2011, PlayStation is brimming with new games to whet the appetite for all gamers, like next week's highly anticipated launch of LittleBigPlanet 2."

mugoldeneagle032896d ago

And per truck load we get in 20-30 Kinect units compared to about 7-8 Move controllers. I have no clue why, but I sell the stand alone Move controllers way more than the Kinect. So surprising that we get constant stock from Microsoft, even if it is only Kinect stuff.

But honestly I don't think Move is selling that bad at all. Especially considering as soon as we get Move in, we're generally sold out of everything within a day or two

4Sh0w2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

well when you consider sony's move sales are counted in "units" or every individual move controller as a seperate sale yet after NPD sony still aren't saying exactly how many move units sold= pretty much points to lower than expected move sales.

AAACE52895d ago

Did you guys hear mugoldeneagle03?

He said they get in 3 times the amount of Kinects than Moves "per truck load", yet he stillsays he sells more Move units...

... I dont get it!

ravinash2895d ago


Thats because Moves are phisically 3x smaller.
So you don't need as many trucks.

kramun2895d ago


I didn't quite understand it either.

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MariaHelFutura2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Of course the Move isn`t selling....It doesn`t have many quality games out for it right now...

The same will be for Kinect in a few months. Don`t get it twisted, Kinect is selling better than Move because of advertising....nothing more. Both of their software at this

SoapShoes2896d ago

And Kinect has quality games? lol They both have crappy games, one just has a 500 million ad budget.

Billy_Dee_Williams2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Why do people act like it's a bad thing to have a big advertising budget?

@Reddevils I dont think so. The games for kinect suck because Microsoft deliberately targeted the casual audience in attempt to bite into the wiis market share. Regardless of the advertising budget the games would still be the same.

RedDevils2896d ago

@Billy boy because they only focus on ads and not the contents (games) itself, which is like buying an empty box with nothing in it

mugoldeneagle032895d ago

I'd beg to differ on which accessory has better games, as I think they both pretty much suck.

Kinect = Tons of family games with really 1 game thats worth buying, which the public doesn't buy into (Dance Central)

Move = Some family games, with a couple solid move-enabled games, with some patches to older solid games.

So both lineups lack anything great, with the edge to Sony which should be no surprise since it's easier to do atm.

But for games, the customers I talk to on a daily basis aren't as thrilled same as we are. Like I was saying I pitch Dance Central to everyone who purchases a Kinect, and I can't tell you how many times I've gotten the "Eh, our kids don't really dance". It's like, okay?

But then again thats what the general public kind of wants or expects from motion controlled games I guess. Especially after the Wii's dominance

Edito2895d ago

I logged in just to ask you how many quality games Kinetic have compared to the crappy games move have right now according to your analise about the Move games available.

I know move doesn't have many games but they aren't crap, Heavy Rain, Sports Champions, Echo Chrome 2, just to name a few and all of those titles doesn't have LAG one thing comes on top Americans doesn't care about it they just want they new toy regardless of everhing else...

mugoldeneagle032895d ago

Kinect has 1, Dance Central, like I said. I never said their family games were quality at all.

And as for Move, I stand by what I said. Echochrome is great, but your not going to bust it out to show your friends how Move works on THAT game. Heavy Rain? Maybe, but it's still not Move developed from the ground up. I've played it, and some things work and some don't.

Others I hinted at were MAG, Resident Evil, etc. My point being, like I said, the selection of games is more solid on the Move side of things, but they still aren't great by any means.

This time next year will be an entirely different story, we're still early on.

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guigsy2896d ago

Well it's gunna be nowhere near 8 million is it.

Pillage052895d ago

would that make you happy?

dragunrising2895d ago

Well, they can count a new sale towards how many they've sold as I just bought the $100 bundle :-)

I'm excited for Killzone 3 and SOCOM. I might buy MAG or Modern Combat to tide me over till then. I wish I could play Dead Space 2 with Move (not just Extraction).

ct032895d ago

Back when Sony released their 4 million shipped figure, I predicted that it wouldn't give us any new data in a very long time (because these shipments first need to sell). I was laughed at.

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Bigpappy2896d ago

Come on already! Hiding numbers is stupid. They will have to reveal them at some point. May be they are hoping Kinect slows and Nove pickicks up wil LBP. But still it would be easier to show how the move attach to the game.

morganfell2896d ago

Hiding numbers is stupid? Do you mean the way everyone hides the rest of the world when NPD comes out or do you mean the hiding of the respective failure rates of console numbers?

deadreckoning6662896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

@morganfell- No one "hides" numbers when NPD comes out. But when NPD numbers release...the rest of the world's numbers are irrelavent in the discussion because we known that NPD concerns only U.S. numbers.

Theres no problem talking about worldwide numbers...the issue is that several people here feel the need to mention them in NPD articles. Thats called being "off-topic"

jarrod19812896d ago

dont know why some people cant get it through their head that npd is only U.S. always have to start with the fanboy sh*t.

jessupj2896d ago

Maybe it's because so many fanboys talk as if NPD is the world, spouting doom and gloom when in relality the PS3 is most likely outselling the 360 world wide by a comfortable margin.

Anon19742896d ago

How are they hiding numbers? Do you see Sony giving GT5 numbers in the US? How about how many controllers they sell in the US? What about just PS3 consoles in the US?

Sony doesn't release monthly numbers per region - of anything. They never have. Why would they start now?

There's only a couple of weeks left till Sony and Microsoft announce their official, worldwide numbers in their fiscal update. I see no reason why the PS3 wouldn't still be ahead of the 360 for the quarter. Last quarter they beat the 360 by almost a million units. They've been outselling the 360 for the past 4 years.

I see no reason why this trend would have suddenly snapped. Because of Kinect's response in the US? Usually, whatever the 360 outsells the PS3 by in the US, the PS3 makes up for it in Japan - then Europe tips the scales in the PS3's favor overall. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Dark3602896d ago

What happened to the 4 million units shipped to the retailers?

kornbeaner2896d ago

Must've sold, I couldn't find Move controllers anywhere, unless they were used at Gamestop or as part of a Move Bundle. But individual controllers where next to impossible to find.

awesomeperson2896d ago

Where are you in the world? I couldn't find the single ones either (I really need 2 for the sports game >.<)

I checked in Myer, no.
EBGames, no.
Harvey Norman, no.
Gametraders, no.
KMart, no.
Target, no.
JB HI FI, no.

I can't find a second controller anywhere.

I see a lot of starter kits and nav controllers though.

Im in Brisbane, Australia (the one with floods :D, i checked before floods...)

Bathyj2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )


You might be able to find some cheap ones floating around now.

What? Too soon?

awesomeperson2896d ago

Mm I'll have to wait a bit, all the supply is cut off to shops right now with flooding :(

Jezuz2896d ago

hahah, nice one but that's kinda assholic

jerethdagryphon2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

@ awesome person hides his controller pile.....

kornbeaner2896d ago

@awesomeperson, I live in Southern California and like you (which apparently must not be true seeing as I got disagrees, LoL) I couldn't find controllers on their own. I didn't need the camera since I have one, so looking for individual move controllers was a no go.

Gamestop - No, Used ones but fuck that.
Amazon - sold out
target, best buy, Wal-mart - No

dragunrising2895d ago

I bought the last Move Bundle at my local Best Buy yesterday. Their website said they were out for that particular location as I was going to buy online and pick up in store. Glad they had one hidden away.

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krouse932896d ago

Software growth is the best kind. Because it increases the attach rates users have with their console, and shows developers that PlayStation users buy a vast amount of games.

HelghastDrake2896d ago

can someone explain this to me.. If kinect is selling so well why havnt we seen kinect adventures in the top 10 npd for december? ALL kinects come with kinect adventures so it should be in the top 10

Mac is OK2896d ago

Because NPD doesn't include games that are bundled with hardware like Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort. According to vgchartz Kinect Adventures has sold over 7 million.

XDF2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

You are correct,

Wii must not be selling well as I don't see Wii sports in the top 10. Facepalm

blue7xx72896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

NPD doesn't include bundled games I believe.

EDIT: Already beaten

FailOverHero2896d ago

I'm very happy to explain...Npd track Kinect Adventures as part of their Accessories because it is bundled with Kinect and not a software product.
That being said, they reported that Kinect and by extension, Kinect Adventures sold the highest in the accessories for the second time in a row.
You're welcome.

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