Attack of the Show: Hacking & Jailbreaking with George Hotz

Hacking & Jailbreaking with George Hotz(The Loop):

"Not a lot of corporations like Apple and Sony are happy with George Hotz, the hacker responsible for jailbreaking the iPhone and taking on the PlayStation 3. Kevin Pereira talks to George about his work as a hacker, Sony's lawsuit and his plans for other gadgets."

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life doomer2890d ago

this guy is full of shit and g4 went to a new low.

iamnsuperman2890d ago

So much bias. Hotz doesn't help gaming but hinders it

Best2890d ago

LOL, i randomly turned on the tv and attack of the show was on at the end of his interview. Luckily my dvr auto records 15 minutes of the current channel so I rewound the dvr and watched this. What a goon but he deserves respect for his iphone jailbreaking.

deadreckoning6662890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

@Best- The part where he joked that he would hack the PSP2 was hilarious lol. The press this guys getting is unbelievable.

@Best- I understand why people may dislike him for hacking the PS3. Geohot's hack, even though not the original intention, CAN lead to piracy. But I want him to win the lawsuit quickly so he doesn't get cleaned about by Sony. I'm not sure about where I stand on PS3 hacking...but I damn sure STILL want hacks for future Apple products.

Best2890d ago

I hope he hacks the iPad 2 cause I want to get it.

Jezuz2890d ago

Wow wow wow, so if he hacks the ps3 it's so much wrong but any other device then it's ok?

Zydake2890d ago


Did you watch the video? It's alright to jailbreak mobile devices but I don't think you can jailbreak consoles. But Hotz made me realize something if you own it what stops us to fiddle with it.

HolyOrangeCows2890d ago

"The part where he joked that he would hack the PSP2 was hilarious lol"

How's he going to smuggle one in? Oh, that's right; there's a head size gap in his behind....he can store it there, the guards will never find it.

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jerethdagryphon2890d ago

yea the only reason he said im joking is he knows sonys lowyers scour the net for things to use and him saying wwhens the psp2 out so i can hack it would look bad for him

Persistantthug2890d ago

But I believe PS3 is MY device, I OWN it, and I have the right to turn it into a toaster if I want to.

So anything that brings back the OTHER OS that was taken away from me and other PS3'ers, I'm totally for that.

If people disagree with that, then so be it...but I'm PRO consumer....very.

TheGameFoxJTV2889d ago

People are disagreeing with their own rights. America becomes more derp by the day.

specialguest2890d ago

Where were all of the outraged N4Gamers when the PSP was hacked??

FOXDIE2889d ago

I love how many idiots are against their rights!

If you buy a product, its yours, you can do what ever you like with it. Whats wrong with you people?

If I buy a toaster and plan to use it to dry my socks, is that illegal? No, now gtfo!

This was never about piracy!

commander2889d ago

Great Job G4 promoting a criminal. There is a reason why i stopped watching this channel and after seeing this im glad i did.

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blackburn52890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

G4 is pretty low down these days. I understand that Sony is probably no saint but I am not sure what is with the eagerness to defend him.He is not doing this out of the kindness of his heart. He isn't trying to help us. He is doing this to feed his [email protected] iamnsuperman and the ignorant thing about it is that they actually believe that guy is their friend.Why, because Sony is evil according to him? He is just trying to help? There is no way he could be lying right? It is obvious that Sony are the liars? He is just some [email protected]$$ looking for attention and people are giving it to him.

iamnsuperman2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

They take the approach of sony being this evil co-operation when in fact these "evil" co-operation give us great products its just a fact of our capitalist society. Sony's not evil nor is it a saint its a company trying to make money. Hotz is a bored genius wanting fame and infamy

CarlosX3602890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I literally laughed at the video. In a "LMAO" kind of way.

GeoHot - Security Expert!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA... G4 is trying to make geoHot more innocent, and more likable than he actually is. lols.

GeoHot looks like he's happy about the lawsuit. So happy that he's got this "YAY! I got a lawsuit." wow.

Okay, so he wants to have homebrew, but COMPROMISING the entire system - pirating, PSN 'hacking,' and literally opens up the PS3 to a whole lot of trouble. He went 10 times too far and I hope to god he loses this lawsuit.

One last thing: Silly rabit. Hacking's for kids.

ren3gade2890d ago

Wow i mean wow, that was a real one-sided interview. G4tv lost some massive credibility with that one. Did the host even do research that piracy has already came out of Hotz's custom firmware. Everybody acts like it's David vs. Goliath. So I guess that major companies like sony, or even microsoft for that matter, do not have rights as well.

I hope sony pull any advertising dollars away from G4tv for their lack of good judgement.

MGRogue20172890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

He is going to be the one who hacks the PSP 2. Watch. :P

awesomeperson2890d ago

I think we need a section for Geohot/hacking, all these articles are getting out of control >.<

Hozi892890d ago

There it is...everything you need to know about Geohotz and hacking the ps3 and his lawsuit.

awesomeperson2890d ago

I mean on N4G, the frontpage is been spammed with all these articles...

Kon2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

If this thing that he did don't enable the PS3 to play pirate games, then i think he didn't done nothing wrong.

labaronx2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

if its not supporting piracy or cheating i dont see the big deal


ok.... yeah then that maybe illegal

MGRogue20172890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

He stole important security keys & posted 'em online. That's what he did wrong & why Sony is currently pissed off with him.

geohot knew that doing this would most surely piss 'em off anyway..

jerethdagryphon2890d ago

replace stole with aquired illigitamitly and yea spot on

he knows what he does will help pirates its like beign with 2 friends who mug someone and you turn your back and say im a pacifist your still part of the crime

Jezuz2890d ago

The thing is that this site is bias. Anything angainst sony or with microsoft is considered a troll. Really

MajestieBeast2890d ago

I really dont want to hear about trolling from a 2 week old account.

Jezuz2890d ago

says the guy with 2 bubbles

Lord_Doggington2890d ago

too bad he did the same w/ the iphone and it was deemed legal.

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