PSNation: El Shaddai Coming Soon to PS3

Bibleman has met his match.

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Lavalamp2744d ago

Really looking forward to this. The art style looks incredible, the gameplay seems both engaging and gratifying, the narrative is unlike anything I've seen in the medium, and I'm quite assured by the roster of vocal talent.

dragunrising2744d ago

Looks interesting. I didn't know much about it until the preview. One to watch this year. Hopefully its priced right.

guzman2744d ago

Looks great and I like Enoch's bulge too.

TroyAndAbed2744d ago

Lol. Oh, Bibleman. The memories...

As far as Christian films go, there has never been a large selection of "good". However, Veggie Tales is awesome!

I hope to someday remedy this.

TroyAndAbed2743d ago

Edit: Was it the word "Christian" or the fact that I like Veggie Tales? I can never tell with you guys...