No one buying $1 million Sarah Palin-signed Xbox 360

GamesRadar - One man's trash is another man's treasure. But this man's treasure... well, let's just say people aren't lining up to buy it. An Ebay user trying to sell a Sarah Palin-autographed Xbox 360 has been unable to find any takers.

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MarioWarfare2839d ago

Nobody would even buy Sarah Palin for a dollar let alone a 360 signed by her for a million dollars

Yi-Long2839d ago

... the dude is probably just as crazy as Palin herself!

RememberThe3572839d ago

And thats saying something!

Corepred42839d ago

whats crazier is she was thiiiis close to being the vp of the usa!

crxss2839d ago

This is just so pathetic. I kind of feel sorry for the guy for his lack of intelligence. His brain must have been contaminated by Palin herself when he went to get it signed 'cause no one is this retarded...

HolyOrangeCows2839d ago

How's he going to collect his money? I thought he was in

Sarcasm2839d ago

I don't get why this idiot thinks a Sarah Palin signed 360 is worth $1 million.

jadenkorri2839d ago

'on opening of million dollar 360'

OMFG, Sarah Palin wrote on my million dollar 360, that b!tch.

King_of _the_Casuals2839d ago

That should be called larceny because the Xbox is probably worth more without her signature!

rosebowl232838d ago

No, this just proves conservatives aren't retarded celebrity worshipers like liberals are. If this were Obama it would have sold easily.

vickers5002838d ago

"No, this just proves conservatives aren't retarded celebrity worshipers like liberals are. If this were Obama it would have sold easily."

Run along now, little boy. You have no business talking about grown up things.

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ChristianGamer2839d ago

Lol no way dude! That's like a million dollar Rrod waiting to happen. Nah-ah man

Spitfire_Riggz2839d ago

My question is why the fuck would you get her to sign an Xbox?? Thats like getting John Elway to sign my skateboard, except that might actually sell.

SixZeroFour2839d ago

i got michael jordan to sign my spoon, now im thinking about selling it for $1mil as sports memorabilia

wizzle522839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I would rent her for 10 minutes for a dollar....

MariaHelFutura2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I`d buy it and then I`d go throw it at Sarah Palin.

Relientk772839d ago


yes total win I agree with u, I would do the same

bubbles up

Red_Phoenix2839d ago

That would probably increase the value of it, if you were able to get it back. "The Sarah Palin autographed 360 that hit Sarah Palin!"

ngecenk2839d ago

a million? you kiddin me? just go to wiki theres a pic of her sig there. print it and put it in your console.

Hitman07692839d ago

lol hilarious headline, hilarious 1st comment.

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Godmars2902839d ago

The guy still has that up on Ebay?

StarScream4Ever2839d ago

It's not there anymore. He probably removed it.

-Alpha2839d ago

Why did she sign an Xbox in the first place??

Godmars2902839d ago

She's an idiot who's overly full of herself of course. Why else.

ImpliedDeception2839d ago

because she's a celebrity.
That's why she's running nothin' right now... (except her Facebook)

I pray she runs in 2012, my comedy bone needs it.

Godmars2902839d ago

If she does run, I don't think I could stand seeing how much of a percentage the country would vote for her.

Mkai282838d ago

That's what I thought. Also, why was this guy walking around with an xbox? He couldn't find anything else for her to sign?

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Shackdaddy8362839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

You would have to pay me for an xbox has "Sara Palin" scribbled all over it