CES 2011: This Is How MLB 11 Works With The PlayStation Move

One the main community managers for MLB 11 was at the ‘It Won’t Stay In Vegas’ party demoing a homerun derby mode in MLB 11 specifically with the PlayStation Move.

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Agent-862891d ago

I can see how the Move can make the batting experience better in MLB 11, but how about the pitching? Holding a Move won't feel like a ball plus pretend throwing the thing at full force at your expensive TV doesn't sound like a good idea (even with a strap, it could easily slip away). Also, pitching and batting a complete game could be very tiring that way. Maybe, they will be keeping the traditional pitching interface and just use motion with the batting.

ATLRoAcH2891d ago

You can only use the Move in Home Run Derby mode. So it's only for hitting and in that mode. I was hoping for more Move integration myself. In HRD mode you can't miss the ball unless you timing is way off. You're basically only trying to time the swing. Location and maybe even power doesn't make a difference. That's what I'm thinking since it's in HRD only and comparing to last years HRD mode. It would be VERY hard to get the location, timing and power right in your swing though. I guess they figured it would be too frustrating.

gaden_malak2891d ago

I will definitely get this with Move.

DEADEND2891d ago

This looks really good, I might pick this up.

blackburn52891d ago

This and the tennis game will show people why it's better to have a controller in your hand

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