Video game sales were flat or down 1 percent in 2010

NPD year end numbers are out! Here's the story.

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INC NATE21312889d ago

Really i cant see how when Microsoft just had the best sales numbers in november and december in all 5 years. and with all the price drops in the consoles and games that have came out for all the consoles, this comes as a bit of a shocker to me

deafwing2889d ago

whole'lotta'shitty' ;games'out'there'br other

jaysquared2889d ago

U can blame Sony for this drop

Agent-862889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

1 percent isn't that bad considering how terrible the economy has been lately. Now that things are beginning to pick up, I have a feeling 2011 will be a big "up" year for video gaming. And, considering all the great titles coming this year, I know it's going to be hard on my wallet, but I'll be buying more this year than last.

labaronx2889d ago

weve seen other forms of entertainment drop significantly this year....

music industry: sales and concert sales down a lot
movie industry: sales and theater numbers down a lot

the gaming industry only fell 1%..... yes thats probably like 500 million lost but compared to the other forms of entertainment, were doing exceptionally well, in this economical climate

FailOverHero2889d ago

Microsoft said it was the only console to show year-over-year console unit sales growth, up 42 percent. Overall, $6.2 billion was spent at retail on Xbox 360 hardware, peripherals and games. In December, Microsoft said it sold more than 1.9 million units.

I would like to hear people say Microsoft should drop the Xbox division now.

sickpup2889d ago

These numbers can't be right. With the release of a new COD, Halo, Rock Band, multiple Guitar Heros, Assassin's Creed, etc. Not to mention Kinect and the immense sales of hardware. That is just the Xbox. There is also the Move, Wii packages, etc. I don't see how it is possible that it went down from last year which didn't see much at all.

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