The Halo Effect: Three-Peat Expected for Xbox 360 Game

So whether the installment of the first-person shooter saga lives up to its hype is irrelevant. Halo is already a certifiable pop-culture and marketing phenomenon.

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Spike473718d ago

That's why I hope it fails miserably, I'm not a ps3 or 360 fanboy, I'm kinda in the middle, but even though I like and don't consider halo a religon, I would like it to fail, cause it's just geting to be just too much.

it's annoying.

people praise this game like if it was the best of all time, and it's simply not.

I can't wait for haze to come out, so that I can compare both games and reveal that halo 3 s a great game but not the best ever.

toughNAME3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

your arguement seemed valid until the Haze part

you are clearly a SOny fanboy, the only reason anyone knows about Haze is because their developers took a shot at Bungie

Sonyfanboys will jump on anything that can put up some decent compitition compared to xbox 360's shooters

Halo 2 vs Killzone

Gears vs. Resistance

Halo 3 vs. Haze

see a pattern?

Dr Pepper3718d ago

Sorry, but it won't fail. It has over a million pre-orders which is an amount that a lot of games dream to achieve (many of them being good games).


I agree ! Haze-LO is so awesome, so original ! Have you gotten the new PS3 gamer fuel yet ?!?

Spike473718d ago

I for one consider that the gta franchise is better than halo.

I hope killzone 2 kills halo3, but that's kinda impossible..................

considering all the biased websites and press out their.

bluebrad19743718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Don't worry, if any other Killzone title is anything to go by, Killzone 2 will be 2008 "Flop of the Year"

It's not hard to crush a series that already sucks.

testerg353717d ago

but your are definately not "down the middle" as soon as you said "I hope killzone 2 kills halo3, but that's kinda impossible.................. considering all the biased websites and press out their. "

That's the #1 excuse for a Sony fan when a game sucks on the PS3. It couldn't be possible that the game actually sucks.

Gamer133718d ago

This game comes with its own style, not like Haze which looks like a simple FPS, Don,t worry "Spike47" killzone will come out soon or maybe next year.


Yeah ! KZ2 is going to be so awesome, the first one was such a huge success ! 1080p & 60fps just like Sony promised !!!

DJ3718d ago

The link you provide to back up your claim that Sony promised 1080p and 60FPS for Killzone 2 simply says, "Killzone 2 is undoubtedly one the best looking game on the PS3, but with all the visual quality and effects, some sacrifices had to be made. As we learned at Leipzig Games Convention, Killzone 2 will only run at 30 fps in 720p, not 1080p as many had expected (and as Sony had promised for so many PS3 games). On the other hand, the game looks so good and is so detailed that it’s probably worth only getting 720p. And 30 fps."

It says Sony promised 1080p "for so many PS3 games", but doesn't provide an direct quotes from...anyone. Thus your constant links to that site are worthless and mean nothing.

tomfoolery3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

and she keeps me posted on what video game system the kids are talking about.
The Wii is a no brainer,all the kids love Nintendos cheap last-gen graphics gimmick console.
But to my satisfaction,she says this Halo phenomenon has swept over
the classrooms and hallways of her school.Kids draw Master Chief
on their school books,desks,you name it.
They've gone as far as to even having classroom discussions on
the Halo 3 hysteria.

This means to me,360s are going to be flying off of the shelves this Xmas to those who don't yet have one,and we're not even considering
the adults and grammar school kids.
This game MAY do for the 360 what GTA did for PS2.

Captain Tuttle3718d ago

Because it's the first game (since Pacman) to really become a part of Pop Culture. I've got it on pre-order and even I'm getting sick of it...the next 2 weeks are going to be brutal.

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