Eternal Sonata PS3 Bonus Features Detailed

The game will also feature new playable characters. Crescendo and Serenade, who played a major role in the 360 version's storyline but were not playable, will now be able to take part in battle. Crescendo makes use of a mace and shield. Serenade is all about her heart-shaped staff. She's such a girl!

Those who love the game's characters will want to pay attention to this next bit. Bandai Namco is also working a costume system that will allow you to freely change your characters' costumes. Accompanying this is an increase in costume variations.

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RadientFlux3871d ago

I wonder if Crescendo rises when heated ;)

MrWonderful3871d ago

i was gonna get this for christmas when i get my 360 but ill just wait and pick up the ps3 version unless it becomes downloadable

Keowrath3871d ago

Seeing as this was one of the games Microsoft was going to use to try to get into the Japanese market it seems incredibly silly to release all this information about the PS3 version which from the sounds of it is going to be better!? Or at least have more content.

I know Microsoft have no control over what Namco/Bandai can say but still. With this version coming out it just kinda defeats the object of the 360 verion. I do appreciate that the american audience that want JRPG's and only have a 360 will get it but for a game that was supposed to lead the way into the Japanese market this seems crazy.

GodofPeace3871d ago

AHAHAHA!!!! PS3 gets the better version AHAHAHA!!! where is that 50 million dollars M$.

Please commence to flame

ElementX3871d ago

For being GodofPeace, you sure try to start a war.

MalcomGrasley3871d ago

This game went from 'an amazing 360 exclusive' to a PS3 game with a gimped 360 port.

capefearhollywood3871d ago

I dont think I can wait till 2008 to play this game and i was really looking forward to the 360 version, but now it seems pretty pointless.

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The story is too old to be commented.