Is Nvidia Support for Older 3D Games Fading?

A thread on Through the Looking Glass depicts the plight of fans of the original Thief Series and System Shock 2, who are asking nVidia fix rendering issues these 3D 16-bit games on their newer video cards and drivers.

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xc7x3868d ago

those games are so old

Farsendor13868d ago

its fun to play the new ones once in a while though brings back good memories

Lumbo3868d ago

Nvidea is busy tuning the drivers to cheat better at known benchmarks, no time for ancient game support. (same with AMD/ATI)

sak5003868d ago

If voodoo drivers are still being updated then nvidia should be little more considerate. Anyway they can't even support their lastest cards for vista which is their priority forget they will care for owners of 10 year old games.