CB Games, Writer: "Why I'm Not That Excited About Halo 3"

When it comes to Halo, there seems to be two groups of people. The first group is comprised of people who are insane about the game and are waiting with bated breath for its release as if it were the return of their messiah. The second group is made up of people who think it's highly overrated. And that's it.

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Jdash243869d ago

i forsee 500 degrees and 100+ comments in the next 3 hours

toughNAME3869d ago

"But what else will they give us other than shooting and running and throwing grenades?"

Thats when I stopped reading

I'm not even going to waste my time writing out the list that separates Halo 3 from any other FPS ever made

P4KY B3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Isn't Marissa girls name?

WTF do girls know about HALO?
Girls should not be allowed to comment on boys stuff.

(anyone who disagrees is a girl)

Jdash243869d ago

your comment made me laugh soo hard, bubble for you sir

Robeezy3868d ago

i couldn't agree more. Girls should not play nor comment on games. They should also not be main characters in games either (HS).

THC CELL3868d ago

You guys need to cool down with the girl

I have played with girls on halo and rainbow six that would kick your ass

Dont say Yea yea
its true.

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FirstknighT3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

I like to read the reasons why gamers don't "believe" in Halo. What other FPS has the great science fiction map design like Halo? Call of Duty, Resistance, Killzone, Metal of Honor, all use the same formula of wartorn streets. People forget that Halo was the first to introduce a FPS with a smooth transition to third person view for vehicles. Halo's soundtrack is years beyond any other FPS out there. The soundtrack rivals great movie themes from the wizard John Williams (Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, Terminator) himself.
The story, the AI, the gameplay, the music, the graphics, the replay really doesn't get any better than this.

If your not excited about Halo 3 than you clearly ain't a real gamer.

WafflesID3869d ago

Uhm, science fiction map design of Halo? Halo and Halo 2 were NOT great examples of level design. Not by a long shot. Library levels anyone?

I admit, that Halo 2 revolutionized multiplayer gaming. But neither 1 or 2 were shining examples of incredible single player experiences.

lmao2473869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

I would like to disagree with you on almost all aspects about halo.
1. Halo is not the first console FPS nor reg FPS to go sci fi based levels. for example time splitters (your pre-halo console example, although didnt do in numerous quantities), half-life, and doom. Modding communites had smooth third person vehicle transitions on half-life. halos soundtrack isnt YEARS beyond everyone else. ever play a unreal tournament, even though its techno rather then your wonderful percussions,woodwinds, and strings, its still huge varitey of music and sounds awesome in game.
In response to everyone, story is not great if you have to buy novels IMO, when I buy a game I dont want to have to shell out money to get more story. Also the map making is not new to halo or consoles, timesplitters 1 (exclusive to ps2 and out before halo 1). The crappy thing is up until now PS has had a horrible internet which made map sharing and creating impossible.

Moral of the story: Best console FPS overall because like WoW it takes the best already made ideas and makes them flawless, but not best FPS EVER!!

P.S: yes this is my first post, I have been on this site for about 3 months but comments that im responding to made me trigger. I will admit I have some bias towards PS3 prolly a 60%ps3 favor 40% x box. I recognize its a good system, but it def needs to be more consumer friendly in terms of free online and a more reliable system (which they are working on).

Edit: I would like to know why I get disagrees, I think it is common courtesy to give reason, so please post reason, and I would be glad to discuss, I dont want to get mixed in this fan boy crap and then have my credibility reduced.

risk3869d ago

CONSOLE PEOPLE. CONSOLE!!!! donot compare this to half-life, and counter-strike, it will sh!t on halo and then make MC eat it. im sorry but you just cannot compare halo to half-life, half life was more unique when it came out, and counter-strike was the icing on the cake for multiplayer.

as of right now, counter-strike has more players online then most FPS's ( ) and i think its unfair for halo, to be compared to a game like cs/half-life.

lmao2473869d ago

I did say best console and I made it clear and distinct, but I have every right to compare it to the PC FPS's when:
1. they have been ported to consoles just like halo was ported to pc's
2. they claim best FPS, which means of all time.

TalyngarTheBlack3868d ago

Because, as shocking as it may be to you not all gamers like FPS. Count me as one of the people who consider the genre derivative and stale.

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Nicosia3869d ago

You know whats funny, see doesn't care about halo..then why talk about it.I don't care for those Gundam games, do you see me crying ''there bad!''? I know for sure see will be one of the first to be in line to get it.

WafflesID3869d ago

Well Halo 3 is a different situation. The pre-release buzz on this game is unlike ANYTHING to ever come before it. For some games you are absolutely right. nobody cares if you aren't excited about katamari coming out. But for a game like Halo 3, if you say you aren't excited about it, there better be a damn good reason, which is why it can actually be a story.

But I always did wonder why PS3 fanboys roam the 360 exclusive news and start talking trash. Same with Xbots going into PS3 news articles and posting their thoughts when they obviously don't care about the system at all.

davidadrake3868d ago

To the poster who said that you have to have a damn good reason not to be excited about Halo 3.

I am not excited about Halo 3, and every time I go buy a game, the sales people keep trying to get me to pre-order it.

I used Kai to play the multiplayer for Halo and Halo 2, but I didn't play more than an hour or so of the campaign. This doesn't mean that I won't buy Halo 3, as I may just wait and buy it used. I will wait till the demo comes out.