The Jimquisition: Why Is This on the Wii?

Jim Sterling: This week's Jimquisition puts into audible words a problem I've been having lately, where people put on their Bitch Trousers whenever a game that looks even slightly good is revealed for the Wii. I explain why this attitude is silly, and why the Wii is important, all in my usual, polite manner.

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Kran2890d ago

Does anybody really care about Jim anymore? Most of what he says is just BS.

HarryMonogenis2889d ago

You've been going around quite a few articles on N4G recently and just being negative. What's wrong?

Kran2889d ago

How have I been negative? I've been opinionative alot, but I havent been hugely negative. I have been in many articles too saying "Oh im looking forward to this" and "Im looking forward to that". I also wished MS congrats for its 1.9million sale and congats to sony for whatever success they may have had in december, and people disagreed? like wtf?

kancerkid2889d ago


Don't you mean "Jim Sterling doesn't like the games I do, therefore what he says is BS. Also, DERP." ?

nycredude2889d ago

Is THAT what he looks and talks like? Why would anyone listen to him in regards to which game is good or not is beyond me!

palaeomerus2889d ago

Jim is about as derp as derp gets. He is a Reddit rage comic come to life.

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SonyNGP2889d ago

Well people seem to give him attention. So I guess they do care about him.

Loner2889d ago

Hes a troll
His review scores are ridiculous

troncoparati2889d ago

A Published Troll...LOL! His sole purpose is to upset people and try to look "anti-establishment" .

lastdual2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

He's just an "extreme critic" like Yahtzee or AVGN, etc. At least Jim usually backs up his scores with some understandable reasons.

Most of the people that outright hate him are the sad sort of fanboys who cry when an exclusive gets below a 9. "Oh no, he said Heavy Rain was a good game and gave it a 7! It deserves a 10!" - Those type of people...

Jim simply uses the full 1-10 scale instead of the 7-10 scale that most sites use.

gorebago2889d ago

When jim steps on the scale he'd wish it say 700 pounds instead of a 1000.

I don't trust the opinions of the moridly obese.

HolyOrangeCows2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Jim, stop being an idiot. The PS3 and 360, along with the better graphics, have a better control scheme for 99% of games.

Look at Monster Hunter Tri. They gave it a "Classic controller" control scheme because the motion controls for it sucked so hard.

Heck, I was playing New SMBs Wii last night (A waste of money/time....just get the All-stars collection) and thinking "hmmmm, wouldn't it be better if I had access to more buttons at a time so that the moves could be mapped out better? Maybe I don't WANT to run AND shoot an ice ball. Maybe pressing a button to pick up objects would a MILLLLLLLLLLLLION times more convenient than having to violently shake the controller?"

The Wii is not the best option for a LOT of games.

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PlayerX2889d ago

This show is great and he once again brings up a good point.

kramun2889d ago

He comes out with some crap but I actually agree with what he's saying here.

palaeomerus2889d ago

I agree with his point but not his idiotic antics.

vikingland12889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Wrong,RDR proves him wrong and what about two worlds2 that game is huge and still it looks better than most games on the wii.Just an observation and my own opinion...... Plus I have all 3 current home consoles.

CrazyForGames2889d ago

wanna know something funny

grand theft auto san andreas had a MUCH larger world and MUCH more content than grand theft auto 4 did

Theyellowflash302889d ago

And remember what he said "Look at the people making the game" RDR is made by Rockstar who have a crap-ton of money and have a engine (GTA 4) to use, which took a ton of money to make! Mistwaker doesnt have the amount of money to make a RDR world and game on the 360 and PS3 but they do have enough money to make a huge game on the Wii.

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