Celebs face off in a Halo 3 preview party: slide show & video

The Associated Press reports that Hip-hop celebrities and Bungie developers gathered and socialized at a private party on Saturday for a special sneak peak of Halo 3. Microsoft and co-hosted the event at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Attendees included Lil Jon, E-40, the Ying Yang Twins, Faboo, Ike Dirty, Bobby Valentino, Playaz Circle, Bone Crusher, and Lil Scrappy. posted a blog with a slide show and video from the party at Konsole King -- see the alternative source below. The slide show and video are included here.

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ktchong3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

It's interesting that I submitted this story last week before AP picked it up, but all the Sony fanboys reported lame because it's a blog announcement. Hello? That was an OFFICIAL announcement of an OFFICIAL party hosted by the OFFICIAL Microsoft.

So I told them that because so many mainstream celebrities would be at this party, the mainstream media and press like Reuters or AP would report this news sooner or later, and people would hear about it -- regardless how much Sony fanboys wanted to censor this news.

Well, here it is. Reported by AP. And now it's a world news.

N4G could have been the first news source to break this news before AP or Reuters did - one full week in advance. My original submission even included a competition hosted by SOHH, and the winners would get special invitation to this private party... could have been one of you guys, but you got screwed over by Sony fanboys.

Mr VideoGames3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Microsoft always has Party's when almost all Mainsteam Celebrites come, Just another reason why Microsoft is better than [email protected] SONY

Snukadaman3873d ago

man that little helmet is going too fit on my cat if i have too screw it on...

GRAMPAGAMER3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )


" till all those [email protected]$hes crawl"

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Daxx3873d ago

Reporter: "Lil' John, what is your favorite thing in Halo 3?"
Lil' John: "WHAT!"
Reporter: "What is you favorite thing in Halo 3?"
Lil' John: "WHAT!"
Reporter: "Is it the campaign or the multiplayer?"
Lil' John: "YEEEEAAHH!"

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