onAXIS: Ratchet & Clank Demo Impressions

onAXIS gives their review/impressions of the Ratchet & Clank PS3 demo.

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androctonvs3904d ago

i say first.

it's lame, as i thought it would be

xplosneer3904d ago

The E3 demo version(which is what they are reviewing) got an 8.9.....
The real one isn't out till October 4th.

the worst3904d ago

go get a ps3 first
stop playing demo at gamestop

androctonvs3904d ago

my lame what?
oh, that's right, you can't spell.

xg-ei8ht3904d ago

Just as you said that, another xbox360 bit the dust.

boodybandit3904d ago

9.4 graphics
9.3 gameplay
and you say it's lame?
Yeah that scores you a spot on my ignore list.
There are already enough fanboys and trolls on here we don't need new ones. At least I don't need to see you.

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hOoDnErD3904d ago

I got the Demo and its dope!!! so your wrong...

The Karate Kid3904d ago

A fantastic game with great graphics and sound. Running at a smooth 60 frames per second. It's games like this that seperates us from our competitors.

22.6 GIGs Of Space which means it would be impossible to have this title on any other console without major limitations.

vaan3904d ago

The game is great, but Harrison is tripping.
It is not running at 60fps and it has slowdown and HORRIFIC screen tearing all the way through the demo. However, if Insomniac get this to run smooth and eliminate the ugly v-sync issues, I'll but it for sure.

Ju3904d ago

Hm, I have these vsync troubles, too. Kinda strange. Its still the resistance engine, which had none of those effects (its the next gen resistance engine, well, yes). But its also pretty aged already. I do not think they let that pass, though.

I am not sure if a demo should get a rating. I mean its old, a lot of things might have been reworked already.

I was blown away by the demo. If you take the time (or watch someone else play) to take a closer look at the backgrounds, that game is amazing. Its so much going on in the environment, incredible, IMO.

The "CG" scenes are not "CG", but in game, or at least I think so. It matches the in game environment.

Every time I hear the groovietron, it cracks me up. That is an awesome idea. That said, I'd give the sound a higher rating. That and if you have a surround system the train in your back kicks you out of your sofa.

solidt123904d ago

The ripping and frame issues will be fixed in the Downloadable Demo.

midgetsanx3904d ago

Is this the demo of E3? Pretty sure Insomaniac can pull it off if it is...

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