The First Templar Gameplay Preview

The First Templar - Kalypso Media's upcoming Action RPG - Early Sneak Peak Game-play footage with commentary!

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SMOK3xFFx2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

That looks damn awesome, but the combat reminds me more of a fast pased Dragon Age then Assassins creed.

ZGRDaniel2863d ago

I agree. Definitely more of a Dragon Age feel than AC.

Darkfiber2863d ago

I'm surprised this is even making it to console. The Cursed Crusade looks much better. This seems like it should be a $30 PC game, I'm sure it would sell much better.

ZGRDaniel2863d ago

I'm not sure what the price of the title will be yet, but it is on the PC and the 360.

TANUKI2863d ago

Looks like it will be a showdown between The Cursed Crusade and this game.

Deathstroke2863d ago

The Cursed Crusade will win by a long shot. There's really no competition.

ATi_Elite2862d ago

I putting my money on the Cursed Crusade. The First Templar looks weak with generic game play, Co Op is cool though.

The Cursed Crusade looks to have more substance and better graphics.

4Sh0w2863d ago

Looks like it could be really good, just needs some polish. Co-op is adds alot of value to a game like this.

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